Grade School Teacher Resume Example

This page includes a Teacher Resume for a teaching professional with experience as a Grade School Teacher / English Teacher. This document serves as a good representation of a resume for most general teaching positions.

A job title of “Teacher” heads the resume with a headline statement focusing on elementary education K-6. The light italic statements identify key attributes of this individual.

The summary is listed as core strengths and highlights group work, social interaction, adaptability, goal attainment and professionalism. The writer also identifies skill in the development of thematic units, literacy, math skills and student rapport.

The experience section is written in a reverse chronological format with statements that document duties, responsibilities and achievements at each position in bullet point format.

Professional education is listed at the bottom to document the bachelor of science degree in elementary education as well as certifications, continuing education and memberships.

Grade School Teacher Resume

Grade School Teacher Resume

Grade School Resume Statements

  • Plan, manage and deploy the curriculum within the guidelines of school policy.
  • Arrange, decorate and maintain appearance of classroom.
  • Modify lessons and materials to meet student and classroom needs, adjusting to student’s level of progress.
  • Set expectations for class with focus on positive learning environment.
  • Enforce school policies and procedures with both students and parents.
  • Assess student progress and communicate status with principals and parents.
  • Submit weekly lesson plans to principal for review and authorization.
  • Participate in school events such as orientations, programs and open houses.
  • Attend summer teaching and training conferences and workshops.
  • Work with staff and colleagues to provide support for the goals and models of the grade school.