School Administrator Resume Example

This resume was created for a client employed as School Administrator.

Unlike many Business resumes, this resume begins with the Education section. One reason for this is because the client has an impressive background in Education (two Masters Degrees and high GPAs across the board). That is important when looking for employment in the field of Education.

The next section highlights the client’s Experiences in Education as an administrator, teacher and coach. The most recent position held, Supervisor of Mathematics, has the most bullet points included since that will most directly relate to future employment interests.

Following the Education section, the writer listed out the client’s Certifications that relate to education. A separate section was used for this due the high number of Certifications that cover a variety of Education positions.

Finally, Professional Organizations were listed to ensure potential employers that the client remains current on critical information and is heavily invested in his work. While there could be arguments made to list Experiences before Education, and even to move Certifications up, this format was used to best portray the client’s strong background in regard to landing an Administration position in Education.

School Administrator Resume Example

School Administrator Resume Example

School Administrator Resume Statements

  • Leads hiring and interview process for district math teaching positions.
  • Oversees district math curriculum and instruction.
  • Conducts observations on math teachers K-12.
  • Plans annual K-12 math department budget.
  • Mediates discussions between parents, teachers and students.
  • Facilitates department and individual teacher meetings.
  • Conducted six full observations including post-conferences with student teacher.
  • Mentored student teacher throughout semester on daily basis.
  • Submitted official grades and reports to Rowan University.
  • Taught various levels of Algebra I, Geometry & Algebra II, as well as HSPA & SAT Prep.
  • Participated on a committee that graded Math SRA PATs to be sent to the NJDOE.
  • Developed new Algebra I curriculum in preparation for upcoming End-of-Course Assessment.
  • Worked with students of all levels to help them meet rigorous state requirements