Secondary School Teacher Resume Example

The document uses an objective statement that clearly identifies the job seeker as a teacher seeking a position in secondary school. 

Objective statements aren’t always ideal, but if you have a very specific target like this individual, the objective headline is appropriate.

The summary paragraph explains how this professional is enthusiastic and committed to student development. The summary emphasizes the ability to design challenging and innovative activities and address diverse interests of students. Personal skills like communication and collaboration are also mentioned.

Below the summary you find a 2 column bullet point list that represents key areas of strength.  This lists numerous strengths that include classroom management, cooperative learning and multicultural awareness.

The Education section follows, where certifications and her Bachelor of Arts degree in English are communicated.

This job seeker has brief experience but provides significant detail regarding the responsibilities at this position. The bullet points represent accomplishments and initiatives that were implemented.

Secondary School Teacher Resume Example

Secondary School Teacher Resume Example

 Secondary School Teacher Resume Example – Download PDF

Secondary School Resume Statements

  • Implement a class room that encourages students to meet or exceed standards.
  • Maintain accurate, detailed records of students grades, achievements and behaviors.
  • Develop unit lesson plans, class work and homework in alignment with curriculum.
  • Use of technology and computer systems for daily class work.
  • Use of databases and automated systems to complete grading and progress reports in a prompt manner.
  • Develop curriculum that holds interest and encourages high rates of participation.
  • Ensure that lessons and curriculum comply with policy and regulation of school district.
  • Participate in extra-curricular activities including orientations, open house, school events, sports and workshops.
  • Develop weekly and monthly plans that enable substitute teachers to follow guidelines when necessary.

Secondary School Teacher Resume Writing Guide

Are you a secondary school teacher looking to land your dream job? Crafting an impressive resume can make all the difference in securing the attention of school districts and principals. But you may think, ‘Isn’t my teaching experience and qualifications enough to stand out?’ While your expertise is undoubtedly significant, a well-crafted resume is crucial to showcase your skills, accomplishments, and teaching philosophy.

This article will guide you through creating a standout resume. We’ll cover the primary responsibilities, common key skills, and action verbs to include and provide tips on how to align your resume with the job description.

Whether you’re a seasoned educator or just starting your teaching career, this article will help you create a compelling resume highlighting your qualifications and setting you apart from the competition. So, let’s dive in and create a resume that will make a lasting impression on hiring managers and land you the teaching job you’ve always wanted.

What Does a Secondary School Teacher Do?

So, you’re wondering what a secondary school teacher does in 2023? Well, let me tell you, they have a complex job that involves teaching various subjects, collecting and interpreting data, communicating with parents, and engaging high school students. It’s a challenging yet rewarding role requiring much skill and dedication.

You’ll create lesson plans, deliver instruction, educational and social matters, and assess student performance and student needs. You’ll need to adapt your teaching methods to meet the needs of diverse learners and ensure that all students can grasp the material. This may involve using different teaching strategies, incorporating technology into the classroom, and providing extra support for struggling students.

In addition to teaching, you’ll also be responsible for managing the classroom, maintaining discipline, and creating a safe and inclusive learning environment. You’ll need to establish clear expectations for behavior and enforce these rules consistently.

Another important aspect of this role is building relationships with students and their parents. You’ll need to communicate regularly with parents about their child’s progress, address any concerns or issues that may arise, and collaborate with them to support their child’s learning.

If you’re interested in pursuing this career, check out high school teacher resume templates or look at a resume builder to get an idea of the format and content that should be included in your resume. Good luck!

What Are the Main Responsibilities of a Secondary School Teacher?

Engage, educate, and empower students as you guide their growth and development. Your main responsibility is to create a positive and inclusive learning environment where students can thrive.

This includes collaborating with school administration to ensure the curriculum meets the needs of the students and aligns with educational standards.

One of the critical aspects of your role is lesson planning, where you design and implement engaging and interactive lessons that cater to various learning styles. Incorporating cooperative learning strategies encourages student engagement and fosters a sense of community within the classroom.

Your role also involves monitoring student progress and providing feedback to support their development. This includes assessing student performance through assignments, tests, and projects and providing guidance and support to help them achieve their academic goals.

In addition to academic growth, you play a crucial role in the overall development of your students. This includes promoting their social and emotional well-being by creating a safe and inclusive classroom environment. You also have the opportunity to mentor and guide students, helping them navigate challenges and develop essential life skills.

Your years of experience, dedication, and commitment to your student’s success will make a difference in their lives and contribute to the school community’s success. You can demonstrate your ability to educate and inspire students effectively by showcasing these responsibilities and achievements in your resume.

Common Key Skills and Action Verbs for Secondary School Teacher Resumes

Highlight your exceptional communication skills and utilize action verbs to effectively showcase your experience and qualifications as a secondary school educator. When crafting a professional resume, including common key skills and using action verbs that demonstrate your abilities in the classroom is essential.

In the skills section, highlight your proficiency in classroom instruction, curriculum development, and student assessment. These skills show your ability to teach and engage students in the learning process effectively.

In the work experience section, use action verbs such as ‘implemented,’ ‘facilitated,’ and ‘collaborated’ to describe your contributions to the school community and your impact on student learning outcomes. For example, you could write, ‘Implemented innovative teaching strategies to promote student engagement and critical thinking skills.’

Include your name, contact information, and relevant certifications or degrees in the header section. This information should be clear and easy to read.

In the education section, list your highest level of education, any additional certifications or degrees, and any relevant coursework or projects. This section should demonstrate your qualifications and commitment to continuous learning.

Incorporating these critical skills and action verbs into your high school teaching resume effectively showcases your educator experience and qualifications.

How to Proficiently Write Your Resume

Crafting a great high school teacher resume requires careful attention to detail and a strategic approach to effectively showcase your qualifications and experiences. When creating your resume for a secondary school teaching position, it’s essential to consider the specific requirements and preferences of the job application process.

Research a resume sample to understand the layout and content commonly used in this field. Additionally, be sure to include a well-written cover letter that highlights your passion for teaching and your relevant experiences.

When it comes to the resume layout, optimizing it for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) is crucial. These systems scan resumes for keywords and phrases important to the school district. Use bullet points to list your experiences and achievements in a concise and easy-to-read format. Make sure to include hard and soft skills relevant to the job, such as curriculum development, classroom management, and effective communication.

Regarding the format for your high school teacher resume, the reverse-chronological format is commonly used and effective for showcasing your most recent experiences and achievements. However, consider tailoring the format to your career stage, skills, and industry change. Remember to use a precise and professional font, and save the final version of your resume in PDF format to avoid any formatting issues when submitting it online.

Overall, by following these tips and incorporating the necessary keywords and phrases, you can create a proficient resume that will catch the attention of hiring managers and increase your chances of landing an interview for a secondary school teaching position.

How To Align Your Resume With the Job Description

To make your resume stand out and increase your chances of landing an interview, ensure that it aligns seamlessly with the job description, just like a perfectly choreographed dance routine that captivates the audience.

Start by carefully reviewing the job description and identifying the critical skills and qualifications the employer seeks. Then, incorporate these keywords throughout your resume to demonstrate that you possess the necessary skills and experience.

Keywords that you can use include differentiated instruction, improve student performance, student development, help students to prepare, proven track record, and creative methods.

When resume writing, use a builder to create a professional and visually appealing document. Highlight your experience in classroom management and your ability to communicate effectively with students. If you’re applying for an English teacher position, emphasize your expertise in the subject matter and your ability to create engaging lesson plans.

You need to include relevant information from the job description in your resume, such as specific teaching methodologies or educational philosophies the school values. Use strong resume samples to ensure you include all the necessary sections and information. And don’t forget to scan your resume for errors.

In addition to highlighting your teaching experience and skills, showcase any additional qualifications or certifications required for the position. This could include certificates in special education or experience teaching in diverse classrooms.

Overall, by aligning your resume with the job description and emphasizing the skills required for the teaching job, you’ll increase your chances of catching the attention of hiring managers and securing an interview.


In conclusion, crafting the perfect resume is paramount to catching the attention of potential employers.

By utilizing solid descriptive language and incorporating keywords from the job description, you can increase your chances of standing out from the competition.

Remember to highlight your teaching accomplishments, goals, and beliefs about education in the profile section and provide specific examples of projects and contributions in the employment history section.

With proper formatting and layout, your resume will make a lasting impression and pique the interest of hiring managers.

So, what are you waiting for? Start revamping your creative resume today and embark on the exciting journey of securing your dream teaching job.

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