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Professionals in administrative positions would include any type of office support, administrative assistant, business administration manager, receptionist, human resources, secretary, office manager or customer service position.

Most of the documents in this category are for entry to mid level professionals. If you are an MBA or high level administrator then you may want to look at our management or executive resumes.

A one page resume is ideal for this category of professional. You can use a summary or objective as an introduction and try to outline your responsibilities and achievements using 5-6 statements per job position.

The first five resume samples provide good examples of how to use a one page format with various styles. Other job positions represent higher level management positions using a 2 page resume, which is necessary to provide the ideal detail.

Office and Administrative Resume Examples

Office and Administrative Resume Tips and Advice

Often times the administrative professionals do the hard work in the trenches. They support the organization, assist management and help the sales staff. Yet, these individuals take the credit for improving products or growing revenue. So it is important for administrative support and office personnel to think about their actions and determine how you benefit your company. After all, the company will hire you if you can prove that you meet job requirements and help improve profits.

Most administrative professionals help their employers by increasing productivity in the office. This could be as simple as deploying new time sheets or changing the flow of email. Higher level administrators might deploy large projects that result in multi-million dollar cost savings. If your results are positive, make sure to include this information on your resume.

Individuals in this job group are also looked at as time savers. So don’t be afraid to include extra work you do. Employers like to see affiliations, community service work, volunteering or any other organizational task.  If you still can’t find useful resume examples in this category of administrative documents then make sure to check our full list of examples.  You may find professional, marketing and financial resumes with similarities.

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