Administrative Manager Resume Example


Resume Example for job seeker looking for Administrative or Office Manager position. This resume can also be used for positions related to Personnel Manager, Receptionist or Human Resources.

This resume uses a job title headline to ensure the reader quickly understands the job target. The value offered section includes the personal skills that make this individual qualified for an administrative position.

The writer focuses on multi-taSking, versatile writing skills, problem solving and the ability to be a team player and motivator. The areas of expertise table on the right provides another quick view of their experience in personnel, relationships, planning, scheduling, reports and business law.

The professional experience section includes the company and dates employed with a brief statement that describes the company. The paragraph outlines the duties and responsibilities at each position. In the most recent job, the writer uses bullet points to emphasize key actions and accomplishments such as improving office productivity by 75%.

The formal education section provides an area for the candidate to list their Masters of Business Administration. A professional affiliations section concludes this administrative manager resume.

Administrative Manager Resume Example Sample

Administrative Manager Resume Example

Administrative Manager Resume Example Statements

  • Versatile professional with excellent organizational skills.
  • Capable of managing multiple task simultaneously and meeting tight timelines.
  • Hired, trained and supervised small team of administrative staff members.
  • Top level communication, writing and research skills.
  • Coordinated meetings, events and conference calls including the hiring of catering services and arrangement of meeting space.
  • Set up travel arrangements, itineraries, airline reservations, shuttle service and hotel accommodations.
  • Designed spreadsheets, slide shows, presentations, charts, graphs and other documentation as needed.
  • Handled office cash receipts and petty cash drawer.
  • Maintained and organized staff calendar / reminder system.
  • Served as liaison between senior management, customers, colleagues and vendors to streamline flow of information.
  • Prepared company literature, documentation, expense reports, presentations and any press release.

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