Customer Service Manager Resume Example

This resume is a well organized example created for a Customer Service Manager. The job seeker also had past experience as a Purchasing Manager or Buyer.

The resume utilizes a job title headline to target both job positions. A headline statement below the titles lets the reader know that the focus of this individual is to increase profits and drive success.

The summary is written in an executive style paragraph format. The writer explains the mix of experience in customer service, purchasing, inventory management, marketing and human resources. This section touches on process improvement, relationships development, performance improvement and driving business.

Below the summary the job seeker documents their core competencies. This services as an area that summarizes their major career experience, which is helpful for people that quickly scan the resume. As you can see, the major areas discussed in the summary and headline are listed along with other items such as solutions building, leadership, negotiations, training, product development and corporate communications.

In order to bring the most important items to the top of the page, the writer highlights five major accomplishments. Notice how the achievements include procedural improvement, inventory optimizations, process enhancement, turnover reduction and error reduction. Also, observe that these statements included quantified results. It is always ideal to use numbers, percentages, specific measurements to document your success.

After the achievements section the job seeker defines their experience. Each job is listed in reverse order with title of the company and dates employed followed by a brief description of the company so the reader understands their scope of responsibility. The job titles are then listed with several statements that outline their daily duties. Bullet points are listed with specific achievements for each job. Note that the most recent job includes the bulk of the content on page 1 and top of page 2. Again, this is ideal considering that job position includes their last 10+ years of employment.

The Education section concludes this document which highlights the MBA degree and BA in Marketing and Management.

Customer Service Resume Example Sample

Customer Service Resume Example

Customer Service Manager Resume Statements

  • Oversee operations of Customer service center including 50 employees and supervisors.
  • Manage phone and telecommunications call center and online production solutions site.
  • Conduct ongoing analysis of customer service programs and employee performance.
  • Develop relationships with vendors, suppliers and producers.
  • Work with scheduling software to ensure that customers are scheduled for maintenance or product returns.
  • Deliver presentations to management, sales team, executives and partners.
  • Create action logs, scripts and procedures to improve service.