Customer Service Representative Resume Example

Resume for Customer Service Representative with previous job experience in telecommunications and sportswear businesses. The job seeker highlights 11 years of experience in customer service positions.

The introduction of this resume uses a headline with a bullet style format to highlight qualifications. A tag line statement is written below title and experience statement. This helps reiterate that this professional is an expert at handling customer service problems and providing quick solutions.

The summary also addresses complimentary areas of strength. The candidate stresses a sense of urgency in call centers, building productive relationships and diffusing customer situations. Additional job skills include client relationship development, customer complaint management, billing, retail service and sales.

The body of the resume includes achievements such as retention of business, exceeding expectations, improving workload and maintaining weekly targets and goals. The job seeker also enhanced sales and designed programs while being awarded as a top salesman.

Customer Service Representative Resume Example Sample

Customer Service Representative Resume Example

Customer Service Representative Resume Statements

  • Capable of building productive relationships.
  • Expertise in analyzing and resolving complex issues.
  • Communicate with customers and vendors to verify information.
  • Document accurate notes for all account interactions.
  • Created employee award and recognition program.
  • Trained and supervised customer support staff.
  • Exceeded performance quotas and benchmarks.
  • Experienced diffusing client issues with tact and care.
  • Handled customer problems, inquiries and complaints
  • Answered billing questions and address payment issues.
  • Multi tasked in a high volume, high stress environment.