Executive Assistant Resume Example

This is a resume example for an administrative professional with job experience as Executive Assistant and Office Manager, and would be appropriate for any high level administrative position.

The sample opens with an executive style summary paragraph that outlines the core qualifications. These skills include the ability to manage projects, streamline office operations, optimize billing, create proposals and operate office software.

Highlights below also include: administrative support, project management, reporting, scheduling, process improvement, proposals and presentations.

The body of the resume lists duties in the assistance and administration of projects, office operations and presentations for a Director at a major university. The writer also documents achievements with program enhancements, standards / process improvements and increases in overall efficiency.

The candidate’s training includes coursework in business administration. The candidate is also fluent in Spanish. The bottom of the resume shows their technical proficiencies such as office software along with a professional affiliation.

Executive Assistant Resume Example

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Executive Assistant Resume Example Sample

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Executive Assistant Resume Example Statements

  • Provided critical support to senior executives and project managers.
  • Collaborated with customers, vendors, staff and senior management of partner firms to make sure information was communicated effectively.
  • Resolved critical issues in deadline driven, fast paced environment.
  • Ensured timely resolution of any issue or project deliverable.
  • Conducted research, created project reports and developed presentations.
  • Created process improvements in workflow and documentation handling.
  • Scheduled meetings, conferences, itineraries and travel arrangements.
  • Prepared and analyzed expense reports to achieve cost savings.
  • Streamlined office operations, project processes and procedures to ensure productivity enhancement.
  • Created client database system to optimize billing, proposals and presentations.
  • Screened incoming calls, serving as first line of customer / vendor support, escalating critical issues to executives.
  • Designed Excel spreadsheets, tables, graphs and Power Point presentations.