Benefits Administrator Resume Example

The resume for a Benefits Administrator begins with a summary of Dawn’s applicable experience, highlighting her 15 years in the industry.

Her professional experience follows, starting with her current role as a Direct Support Professional. Her previous role as a benefits administrator continues on to the second page of the resume.

Each position lists the company name, location, job title and employment dates. This information is then followed by a summary of job responsibilities that describe their role within that company.

The next section features a list of accomplishments, additional skills and affiliations that the candidate has obtained. This includes more personal areas of expertise and certifications that she has achieved.

Her related education is listed below in the final section. This includes her Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Master of Science in Industrial Technology Management.

Benefits Administrator Resume Example

Benefits Administrator Resume Example – Page 1

Benefits Administrator Resume Sample

Benefits Administrator Resume Example – Page 2

Benefits Administrator Summary

  • Senior Human Resources Professional with over 15 years of experience in benefit administration, human resources management, risk management, building relationships and engaging employees proactively.
  • Possess a natural affinity for change, engaging management style, strategic planning and critical thinking.
  • Develops executable strategies that motivates teams individually and exceeds objectives to employ outstanding customer service.

Benefits Administrator Experience Statements

  • Completes necessary duties to ensure individuals receive support in a positive environment and enhance the
    person’s ability to achieve their personal goals.
  • Supports and encourages individual in exercising their rights in making their own choices.
  • Provides support in personal care and completes duties to ensure health and safety of individuals.
  • Maintains confidentiality and compliance of company policies and procedures.
  • Worked in partnership with HR Director to create, implement, and manage improved HR strategies, benefit administration, and programs to support the workforce during a downward trend and large-scale turnaround effort.
  • Administered all benefit programs including medical, dental, vision, life, Section 125 Cafeteria Plan (FSA), voluntary retirement annuities, Alabama State Retirement Plan, disabilities, Employee Assistance Program and COBRA. Analyzed federal and state regulations to ensure human resources compliance.
  • Observed risks that impacted company/employee cost, enhanced benefit structures and HIPAA guidelines.
  • Conducted new employee orientation, conveyed onboarding information, ensured employees understanding of benefit plans and enrollment procedures, provided exit interviews and coaching sessions to assist eligible retired employees.
  • Processed new hire paperwork, entered employee information in Banner HRIS, reported new hires to Alabama Department of Labor.
  • Managed salaries and benefit deductions for payroll purposes, reconciled invoices, created databases to store time sensitive data, and resolved discrepancies.
  • Provided HR leadership during a period of rapid growth with a positive increase in annual revenues and gains in profitability.
  • Coordinated campus-wide educational training seminars to keep employees abreast of benefit changes. Encouraged 90% of employee participation and decreased daily office visits astronomically.
  • Researched effective cost containment strategies for benefit programs, compiled data, and collaborated annually with the President, Cabinet members and Board of Trustees on effective recommendations.
  • Planned and organized annual open enrollment period; arranged for plan summary materials and required notices to be distributed in a timely manner; assisted with communicating changes; and ensured representatives/brokers were present to provide thorough information and excellent customer service.