Customer Service Resume Example


The resume below is for a customer support professional that recently obtained a college degree in business. The job seeker has had multiple job positions related to customer service, such as Assistant Manager and Broker’s Assistant.

The introduction is in a paragraph summary format and quickly outlines their skills in communications, self motivation and problem-solving. The candidate also documents experience in marketing, customer relationship development, office support, class instruction and training.

As a Broker Assistant, experience included coordinating marketing events, organizing office activities, and preparing company correspondence. As an Assistant Manager, duties included customer service, job training, sales, inventory management and cash management.

The resume also includes a job working in a restaurant, which naturally has a customer service focus and includes this emphasis on the first bullet point.

Notice the job seeker explains how they generated return customers through personalized service. This is a good example of an achievement for a position that is difficult to identify accomplishments.

The depth of experience is ideal for a one-page resume, and it is the recommended length for most resumes for this job target.

Customer Service Resume Example

Customer Service Resume Example

Summary for Customer Service Resume

  • Customer Service Professional recently awarded Bachelor of Arts in Business now seeks management opportunity in customer support.
  • Demonstrates strong communications skills and ability to establish rapport with clients.
  • A self-motivated innovator with a record of success in troubleshooting and problem resolution.
  • Leads by example and established professional work environment based on respect.
Summary for Customer Service Resume

Summary for Customer Service Resume

Resume Experience Statements

  • Customer support professional with extensive experience managing client needs and ensuring the company meets expectations.
  • An accomplished, self-motivated professional with over 15 years of experience in customer service.
  • Hardworking professional recognized for meeting and exceeding support targets.
  • Fosters strong relationships with customers that result in high level of client retention and product loyalty.
  • Open new client accounts and serve as first line of support for credit approval.
  • Demonstrates solid ability to communicate with diverse groups.
  • Focused on developing strong rapport with customers, vendors and staff.
  • Schedule installation and service calls and ensure appropriate billing.
  • Proven success in troubleshooting and problem resolution.
  • Leads by example and establishes a professional work environment.
  • Create and implement special events, meetings and conferences.

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