Artist – Design Director Resume Example

The Artist Resume example below is for a Design Director with executive experience managing large scale artistic, graphic design and architectural projects.

The resume is a good sample for individuals with a background in fine arts, design or architecture.

This document uses a black background in title areas to offset the document. This helps bring out the headline job title that highlights this job seeker’s experience in design. This headline area is followed by a professional summary which is followed by a bullet point table with core knowledge and skills.

This technique allows the job seeker to emphasize areas such as academic management, events, course development, fine arts, fundraising and workshop planning.

The professional experience section uses small paragraphs to identify the responsibility in each job position. The bullet points identify key events and accomplishment. The candidate secured major clients, raised millions of dollars through fundraising and oversaw successful planning / implementation of projects. The achievements also mention numerous awards that are particularly important in the field of art and design.

This design resume ends with a formal education section to document that Master and Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees. Professional affiliations are listed that include important organizations in the job field of Arts and Design.

Artist Resume Example

Artist Resume

Fine Arts Design Resume Example

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Resume Example Statements

  • Manage large-scale initiatives for socially responsible art, architecture and design.
  • Consult on strategic and cultural planning.
  • Creatively develop interdisciplinary academic initiatives.
  • Created and implemented university community partnership that integrated research, education and outreach.
  • Developed education workshops for teachers on design in education.
  • Recruited, coached and managed large teams of university students, faculty and community members.
  • Taught and sponsored community workshops on re-imagining community.
  • Recruited, managed and evaluated staff for major art-based initiatives.
  • Leveraged convening power of agency on a national level to integrate disparate disciplines and increase dialog.
  • Utilized wide and deep network of professionals to assemble panels of national experts for NEA grants.
  • Developed widespread connections with other agencies to promote projects supporting organizational mission.
  • Taught academic coursework in field of arts and design.
  • Programmed events and exhibitions.