Executive Project Consultant Resume Example

This Project Consultant Resume Example was designed for a Project Manager with a lot of experience in an executive.

With so much experience, it was decided to include a wide range of qualifications in his Summary of Qualifications section. This client has a lot of experience and knowledge to offer and the writer wanted to make sure any potential employers could see it.

The decision had to be made whether it was better to go into detail for each of his past positions. The executive resume writer had to decide whether the resume would span two pages or simply list older positions and keep the resume to one page.

In this case, since the older positions brought unique, quantifiable accomplishments to the table, it was an easy choice to expand the resume. It was important to highlight these accomplishments in full.

A client with this much experience wants those to be obvious when his resume is being screened. Many impressive accomplishments were written in bold to truly help them stand out in a pretty packed resume. The resume concluded with listing all relevant education, certifications and training certificates.

Project Executive Resume Example

Executive Project Consultant Resume Example – Page 1

Executive Project Consultant Resume Example

Executive Project Consultant Resume Example – Page 2

Executive Project Consultant Resume Summary Statements

  • Highly effective Project Manager Executive with over 30 years of experience.
  • Offering an array of critical skills in commercial, legal, governance, risk, financial, health and safety project management.
  • Proven ability to foster change through the development of innovative plans and frameworks.
  • Track record of success serving in project, tender or change management on several million-dollar projects.

Executive Project Consultant Resume Experience Statements

  • Work closely with businesses to implement all aspects of ABC Business Framework.
  • Demonstrate leadership and change management expertise to clients.
  • Spearhead initiatives in shared strategic direction, process design and improvement, performance measurement and feedback as well as knowledge capture and leverage.
  • Provided E&I Engineering support to the Plate Construction and Completions team.
  • Oversaw the M&L, P&E and Site Services teams until suitable resources could be mobilised.
  • Designed Engineering and M&L plans and procedures that improved project efficiency.
  • Ensured successful bidding and execution of numerous large-scale projects.
  • Acted as Integration Manager for Western Construction acquisition/transition.
  • Established integrated strategic planning, budget, risk and improvement framework for $400M/year business.
  • Identified, developed and implemented innovative improvement plan that resulted in 6-12 month reduction in Pipeline laying schedule.
  • Assessed risk for Clough Downer JV on the K-128 Project, a $1.5 billion CSG Project.
  • Prepared necessary data and information as Bid Lead for a wide variety of profitable project ventures.
  • Submitted project risk and performance reviews for Ranger Uranium Mine, Glencore Underground Mine and South Walker Creek Coal Processing Plant.
  • Developed and implemented Drug & Alcohol Management Systems and EBA for Caltex DHTU2 Project.
  • Increased Refinery availability, performance and safety through targeted project development.
  • Facilitated the formation of a single site-wide team to develop a consistent set of Site Rules that resulted in the formulation of a concrete vision, deliverables and action steps.
  • Consolidated multiple separate initiatives into a single site-wide team to create an Incident Reporting Process that led to complete buy-in from all stakeholders.
  • Introduced a continuous improvement and coaching process that lessened road accidents by 100%.
  • Improved energy, stock and loss figures by approximately $1,000,000 per month.
  • Raised LPG sales by 30%, in addition to increased Refinery performance and improved customer relations.