Statistician – Analyst Resume Example


This resume was created for a career Statistician hoping to receive a significant promotion, either within his current company or with a new company.

As a trained Statistician with a degree in Computer Science and an advanced degree in Statistics, this client has some very specific skills that are difficult for employers to find. The challenge is to best portray these skills to the reader.

The document begins with a good example of a resume objective statement to briefly point out some impressive qualities possessed by this client, such as SAS and Biostatistics. From there, Areas of Expertise were listed. The key here was to demonstrate that the job candidate is capable of high-level data analysis and experimental design.

It was important to convey that the job seeker was above entry level positions and ready for something more challenging.  These Areas of Expertise hopefully get that message across.

The points in the Experience section were carefully chosen so that it highlights the wide range of applications that are successfully completed by the client on a daily basis.

Analytics is a growing field, so the writer had to be to include her experience with extrapolation, correlation, experiment & survey design and computer software.

To complete the resume, Education and relevant Certifications were document, including the impressive GPA.

Statistician Resume Example Statistics

Statistician Resume Example

Statistician Resume Summary Statements

  • Experienced Statistician looking to use thorough understanding of biostatistics and experiment design to produce high-level software analysis.
  • Would like to be contribute to a successfully team as well as broaden my statistical scope.
  • Expertly skilled in utilizing advanced computer software, such as SAS, to analyze intricate data and draw accurate conclusions.

Statistician Resume Experience Statements

  • Assesses reliability of products and part crucial for customer safety requirements.
  • Calculates quantitative data during phase II and III of clinical trials.
  • Develops experiment and survey designs that lead to accurate conclusions.
  • Extrapolates data to predict future trends and proactively address necessary changes.
  • Determines correlation between many variables using in-depth statistical software.
  • Prepares presentations and statistical analysis summaries for review from shareholders.
  • Examined dozens of clinical evaluations each month.
  • Incorporated data mining procedures to assist in statistical analysis of trials.
  • Performed evaluations on over 100 clinical trials using SAS.
  • Conducted survey analysis on patient health care usage and trends using latest technology.
  • Collected data on surveys, experiments and interviews to provide conclusive data.
  • Utilized comparative analysis to determine optimal models to address risk factors.
  • Measured correlation between client outcomes and their determining factors.
  • Evaluated research findings and used results to adjust company policies and procedures.

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