Industrial Engineering Resume Example

This robust resume example for an Industrial Engineer extensively highlights the candidate’s career achievements and areas of expertise. The resume opens with a brief bulleted summary of Jonathan’s education and experience.  His education includes a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical.

His professional experience is outlined next, starting with his current role as a Continuous Improvement/RPS Expert.  The job is described in great detail with a list of duties and responsibilities. Any applicable Academic Projects are highlighted in the next section of the resume. Technical Skills and Memberships are featured at the end of the resume, listing any certifications received or professional organizations he is a member of.

Industrial Engineering  Resume Example -

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Industrial Engineering Resume Sample

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Industrial Engineering Summary

  • Lean Six Sigma Black belt, Project Management, and Supply Chain Professional with experience in optimizing operations and solving problems in a structured manner.
  • Eight years of operational leadership experience with focus on recommending and implementing ways using Continuous Improvement and IE methodologies to improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, plant safety and optimize the overall supply chain.

Industrial Engineering Experience Statements

  • Developed problem-solving communication tool and established metrics by departments to track plant performance specifically on Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery and Employee.
  • Lead a team of professionals & achieved a plant-wide C.I. goal of $3.2 million for the fiscal year 2018.
  • Developed rolling 1-year C.I. implementation plan aligned with the plant’s strategic direction for every fiscal year between 2014 and 2018.
  • Completed more than 40 kaizen workshops throughout the plant from Jan 2016 to till date, to reduce changeover times, improve quality, increase throughput, optimize and balance assembly lines (one-piece flow), inventory accuracy, improve customer quality score, and inventory reduction.
  • Conducted training and simulation games to educate employee’s plant wide on JIT and Lean principles.
  • Lead multi-departmental teams such as Injection Molding, Paint, Fabrication/Assembly, and Logistics to reduce material handling damages using KATA approach.
  • Responsible for logistics vision and developed annual kaizen workshop plan with Lean team.
  • Track and maintain the RPS system/KPI, and manage employee suggestion program.
  • Developed and modified Coil packing process. Documented and justified capital expenditure request for the total project cost of $975,000 with an ROI of 18 months. Purchased, installed, commissioned and trained operators on new equipment and SOP.
  • Completed the ‘Analysis and Design Phase’ of $55 million Plant Modernization project by performing Material Flow analysis, Sensitivity analysis, and Throughput analysis. Performed Plant simulation using FlexSim simulation software.
  • Used Design of Experiments to identify the factors affecting the quality of the packaging process. Implemented SPC to control the process and to identify any assignable cause variation.
  • Conducted Kaizen event to improve the quality of corrugated boxes from 50% to 85%. Reduced operator time required to fix defects by 70%.