Public Relations Executive Resume Example

This Public Relations resume was produced for an executive-level director. This professional provides experience as Director of Communications and International Public Relations.

One of our finest resume examples here provides a very clean presentation that is easy to read and scan for points of interest. This sample resume can be used as a reference for nearly any high level professional.

A headline statement is used to describe this professional. The headline is followed by a formal summary of qualifications. The writer documents 10 years of experience in project management with an emphasis on media campaigns, event management, televised events and other related aspects of public relations.

The resume uses a quote from a the CEO as a testimonial to the job seeker’s past success. This is an excellent strategy if you have reference letter that includes such a powerful statement. Including quotations like this on a resume is a very strong way of building credibility. You should include these any time that you’re able, but don’t take it too far. One or two of these will be sufficient, but they must include a verbatim quote within quotation marks in order to be effective.

Public Relations Executive Resume Example

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Public Relations Executive Resume Sample

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Public Relations Executive Resume Writing

The candidate then utilizes an Area of Expertise table as a quick reference of their most prominent public relations skills such as media relations, communications, press releases, web casts, sporting events and market launches.

Before going into detail about past jobs in reverse chronological order, the writer in this case decided to highlight their most important career achievements working with Olympics, high profile celebrities and a popular sports station. These achievements are then followed by job experience that uses bullet points to describe responsibilities and accomplishments at each position. The resume concludes with sections for community leadership, computer skills and education.

This public relations executive resume honestly blends various writing methods like a true master in this example. Many executives won’t need to use most of the first page in summary material or risk losing the attention of the reader. In this case the writer pulled it off in excellent fashion.

Public Relations Executive Resume Example By 1st Rate Resumes