General Manager Resume Example

This resume was designed for an aspiring General Manager that has a long history of working at a multi-sport club in various capacities.

With so much experience, the writer wanted to make sure to highlight the critical areas of expertise first before everything started to run together. The concern with having so many bullet points and previous positions is that the reader will begin to skim and may miss impressive accomplishments.

However, the higher up a position is that you are applying for, you also don’t want to shortchange yourself. In this case, the resume needed to make sure that the reader got a chance to see just how much this person has accomplished.

The Areas of Expertise section would alleviate some of that risk.  Bullet points with specific quantifiable accomplishments should be easily transferrable to a new company in the reader’s mind.

General Manager Resume Example

General Manager Resume Example

General Manager Management Resume

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General Manager Resume Statements

  • Provides mentoring and support to four managing directors.
  • Appointed a seat at the Board of Directors meetings and serves as co-chair.
  • Reduced annual cost of Ferry operations. Saved cost by restructuring facilities management operations to hire skilled trades instead of contracting out.
  • Improved member event participation by 55% in part due to development of effective member and staff surveys.
  • Performs semi-annual competitive analysis on competing clubs, providing alternatives to the Board and Committees.
  • Coordinates the development of all departmental operating and annual capital budgets that are presented to the CEO and Board of Directors.
  • Closely inspects financial statements and works with CEO to identify and correct negative trends.
  • Offers advice and research recommendations to the Board of Directors and Committees about construction, refurbishments, maintenance, materials, suppliers, equipment and services that are not included in member approved budgets.
  • Guarantees the club is operated in accordance with all applicable local and provincial laws.
  • Oversees the care and maintenance of all the club’s physical assets and facilities.
  • Assisted with the development of the club’s strategic plan and long-term capital reserve study (20 year).
  • Ensures that the club is offering the highest standards for food, beverage, sports, member events and other club services.
  • Approves policy and procedure directives written by managing directors that also proactively provide legal protection.
  • Negotiates and make recommendations to the Board and Committees for contracts.
  • Restructured several departments to help the senior management team produce one of the most profitable fiscal years in over a decade.
  • Assisted the Board of Directors with all preparation material for the club’s annual general meeting of members.
  • Dealt with several member infractions with positive outcomes, providing mentorship when needed.
  • Chaired weekly senior manager meetings to keep the team focused on Board directives and financial targets.
  • Worked with Human Resource manager at developing and implementing several policies that protected the club from potential workplace liability.
  • Direct oversight to all capital projects to ensure that they were completed on time and on budget.
  • Identified key performance indicators that the Board & CEO used in strategic planning framework about club performance.
  • Built proven track record of successfully dealing with a variety of legal matters in all areas of business.