Plant Manager Resume Example


The resume for a Plant Manager begins with a summary of Robert’s applicable experience.  The summary is followed by a listing of Key Competencies that he possesses relative to the position.The next section titled “Areas of Expertise” features phrases that emphasize his specific strong suits. This assists with brand marketing and recruiting searches.

His professional experience follows starting with his current role as a General Manager.  Each position description contains a summary of their duties and achievements. His Education & Professional Development is listed at the bottom of the second page. This features his Bachelor of Science in Business Management as well as his certifications achieved.

plant manager resume example

Plant Manager Resume – Page 1

plant manager resume sample

Plant Manager Resume – Page 2

Plant Manager Summary

  • Proven, influential executive with strong strategic, business and operational acumen who demonstrates excellent leadership with a successful track record of delivering results in highly complex, fast paced environment.
  • 20+ years of leadership experience in both union and non-union facilities.
  • Passion for people and process with diverse leadership and operational experience within organizations of various sizes, including multi-site responsibility.

Plant Manager Experience Statements

  • AL facility record for lost time incidents (69 days), achieved 10-years without an incident. All facilities improved with employee involvement.
  • Developed multiple programs in multiple facilities to include Preventive Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance, TPM, CMMS, Reliability Maintenance and Audit systems.
  • Reduced inventory, improved throughput, cost reduction plans, achieved ISO9001, ASME, DOT, and other quality standards.
  • Implemented hiring, attendance, employee training, and on-boarding processes to improve turnover rates.
  • Teach and mentor individuals and small groups the skills required to become strong leaders and continue to mentor as needed.
  • Oversee large glass manufacturing facility with 350 union employees. Full P&L responsibility.
  • Manage transformation by utilizing Lean Thinking process while leading a $40 million renovation of the facility.
  • Successfully passed quality audits that were previously failed with multiple customers.
  • Led the organization through a major fire, loss of all equipment, and subsequent rebuild of the facility. Maintained employee morale and ability to meet customer demands as the rebuild occurred.
  • Implemented maintenance programs, operational process, Key Performance Metrics, Quality Programs, and Safety Processes.
  • Hired and developed employees at all levels of the organization.
  • Led culture changes in each facility; all had the lowest score for Cultural Health Survey to have the highest scores for employee satisfaction.
  • Led production improvements that included over 50% EBITDA improvements by using Lean Techniques, solid inventory management and quality systems and cost reductions.
  • Reduced working inventory by more than 50% in multiple facilities while improving on-time delivery 95% or better.
  • Responsible for all aspects of single and multiple facility operations.

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