Restaurant Manager Cover Letter Example

On this post we have a Restaurant Manager Cover Letter Example for a professional with experience in the food and hospitality industry. The sample is an excellent resource for professionals in beverage, food prep or retail fields.

The format below is known as a targeted cover letter. The document is addressed to a particular company and targets fine dining with a focus on profitability and long term growth.

The job seeker highlights personnel management, staffing and productivity enhancement as a supervisor. Business related skills are listed which include budgeting, policy improvement and supply management.

The writer uses bullet points to emphasize key responsibilities and achievements. For example, the last bullet identifies a quantified cost savings of 5% on overall equipment purchases. This type of accomplishment is ideal for proving your value to a new company.

In the last paragraph, the writer emphasizes restaurant management and leadership skills. The job seeker invites a meeting to discuss how they can help achieve company goals.

Restaurant Manager Cover Letter Example

Restaurant Manager Cover Letter Example

Restaurant Manager Cover Letter Writing

This is a position where service is extremely important. Not unlike retail sales, the restaurant manager needs great employees for things to work smoothly. Even to the point where a good chef and kitchen help can make the job that much easier. Almost everyone has been to a large chain restaurant where a location is terrible while the same chain in a different location has food and service that is fantastic. If you have managed the latter, then emphasize this on the cover letter.

The restaurant manager won’t be blamed for bad food unless it’s a common occurrence due to poor employees. But sometimes you can use a negative and turn it into a positive, such as a manager that hires a new chef, helps recreate the menu and rebuilds the reputation of the restaurant. Any tactics that were used to improve menus, food prep, service, decor, wait staff, greeters needs to be included in the cover letter. You want to show the employer that you don’t just supervise people, but you can help improve the overall productivity of the restaurant, ultimately increasing sales and profitability.

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