Before – After Resume Examples

The challenge is on for today’s job seekers. Unemployment is still high. Its seems companies underwent massive layoffs coming out of the 2008 financial crisis. And they never really got back to hiring. Business may have gotten use to functioning with less staff, relying on technology and temporary workers. This means unemployment could be structural.

It also means that it is time to get serious about your resume! Now is the time to sell yourself to employers by preparing a newly focused professional resume that can be a link between you and your new job.

Ask yourself: “How much more money can I afford to lose by waiting?”

Before and after resume examples are provided below. They were designed to demonstrate strategies that resume professionals use to help job seekers overcome specific obstacles that are hindering their job search success. If you have challenges in your past employment then you may find some of these tactics useful.

How to Use Before & After Resume Examples

The resumes below will show the original client resume and the professional resume. This enables you to see the flaws in the original resume. These documents were written by customers that didn't take much time learning about resumes. You can see many mistakes such as improper writing style, use of pronouns, sentence structure and inconsistent verb tense. Also, the format of the resumes are often the least ideal for the job seeker.

The professional resume (after) will present a much clearer target, a robust summary and defined scope of work. The job target is identified and the resume written for that specific job. The professional resumes will do a much better job of highlighting achievements. Additionally, non essential pages and sections will be cut down.

Certainly, people that take their time and learn about resume writing can write their own resume. Other people have a hard time determining what to put in the resume or how to organize that information. And some professionals just have a hard time writing about themselves. So if you find yourself in that situation or you think your resume looks like a "before" resume, then don't be afraid to contact one of our contributors or take advantage of the resume templates on this site.