Telecommunications – Telecom Resume Example

Below you will find a resume for a professional in the telecommunications industry. The resource can be helpful for telecom managers, consultants and technicians.

In this before and after resume comparison, we see a perfect example of contrasting the older style with the newer contemporary presentation.

Notice the difference between using the vague objective statement in this job seeker’s old resume and the use of a Title and Profile in the new one is striking. This helps the reader quickly understand the key experience and expertise of the job seeker.

Also, notice how the writer has used branding to bring out the job seekers strongest skills. This marketing-style approach focuses more on what he can do for the employer than what they can do for him. This well-written Profile is exactly what hiring professionals look for and will result in invitations to job interviews.

Telecommunications Resume Example

Telecommunications Resume Example – Before and After

 Telecommunications Resume – Before / After – Download PDF

Telecommunications Resume Statements

  • Capable of explaining complicated telecommunications concepts to non-technical professionals.
  • Performs well in fast paced, high pressure environments.
  • Expertise in the development and implementation of voice and data equipment.
  • Experienced in the design, configuration and maintenance of numerous telecom systems, hardware and software applications.
  • Capable of providing high levels of technical and telecommunications engineering support.
  • Excellent communicator that collaborates with team members and consults with third party vendors to achieve goals.
  • Proven ability to analyze existing systems and schedule upgrades to increase performance and productivity.
  • Strong understanding of switching systems, mail, cabling, PBX and fiber optics.
  • Designed and deployed training classes for new customers and carriers.
  • Created supporting documentation for systems and software usage and control.
  • Integrated cell phone data support into current systems, enabling company to monitor and document usage.
  • Analyzed and resolved telecommunications billing issues.