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sales executive before after resume

Here we have a resume for a sales executive with a diverse background in business development and strategic account management.

This executive would like to transition to a new sales industry. The Before version of the resume did not relay that message to the reader. The after version shows how a business executive can modify their resume to highlight the sales and business development expertise.

In the after version of the resume, observe how the writer has positioned him to accomplish this by de-emphasizing the industry and emphasizing his transferable skills in the title and the summary.

There were also some formatting issues in the before resume. Since “I” is understood, the writer deleted them while utilizing the preferred style in “resume-speak” referred to as first person using a silent “I.” The advantage is retaining the “reach-out-and-touch” feel that comes from first person while eliminating the repetitive “I” from the text.

Sales Executive Resume Example

Sales Executive Resume Example

 Sales Executive Resume – Before / After – Download PDF

Sales Executive Resume Statements

  • An accomplished senior level sales professional with a demonstrated track record of building business.
  • Past success in recruiting, building and leading results focused sales teams that consistently exceed expectations.
  • People-oriented, outgoing individual that earns a high degree of loyalty with staff, customers and vendors.
  • Special expertise in business to business (B2B) sales.
  • Fluent in multiple languages, accustomed to world travel.
  • Capable of penetrating new markets and breaking through to unique sales channels.
  • Extensive experience managing key accounts and working with c-level executives of our core partners.
  • Dedicated to increasing revenue, improving profitability and reducing expenses.
  • Streamlined entire sales department to increase productivity and eradicate unnecessary processes.
  • History of meeting revenue targets, sales quotas and corporate goals.
  • Serve as last line of support to handle escalated customer issues.

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Sales Executive Resume Example By Career Wizards Inc