Corporate Trainer Resume Example

In this before and after resume comparison, the candidate wants to transition out of the insurance industry into a Producer Trainer position for a corporate entity.

In the “after” version the writer used a Combination format to leverage the advantages of both Skills and Reverse-Chronological style resumes.

In the skills area, her training and client management skills are emphasized, while the insurance industry is de-emphasized.

In the reverse chronological area, her work history is dated and the recruiter is able to see her progression as a strong producer with each company. The experience section emphasizes important duties and achievements.

Corporate Trainer Resume Example

Corporate Trainer Resume Example – Before and After

 Corporate Trainer Resume – Before / After – Download PDF

Corporate Trainer Resume Statements

  • Expertise in educating team members in the utilization of new systems for improving business growth.
  • Known for establishing sound training programs from scratch and improving training processes and procedures.
  • Exceptional ability to collaborate with team members and teach new concepts in an effective manner.
  • Proven track record of analyzing requirements and designing key solutions that meet customer goals.
  • Versatile, mulit-tasker that consistently exceeds expectations.
  • Trained and mentored staff members on hazardous material, dangerous situations and workers compensation.
  • Planned, scheduled and managed all training classes.
  • Mentored other training professionals and class instructors.
  • Prepared, deployed and management safety procedures.
  • Wrote and maintained training and safety documentation.