Business Development Manager Resume Example

The business development candidate had experience across a few different media-related industries in the marketing and business development departments. The main challenge in crafting this resume was discreetly incorporating the short time at which the candidate spent at each job, as to not raise a red flag about their discipline and stick-to-itiveness.

We made their skills the main focus of this resume to secure a similar position in a much larger, more powerful company. The main effort was to create an appealing resume (aesthetically) that would catch the eye of major corporations with large business development and marketing budgets.

The Executive Profile was written to show flavor and substance in the candidate’s application, followed by an Expertise and Core Areas section, which highlighted necessary and specialty skills, as well as vital keywords to pass resume scanners used by large corporations.

While the Professional Experience section was not overflowing with well-known corporations or long-standing positions, we strategically illustrated the candidate’s accomplishments at each position, including their proven leadership qualities.

Overall, it was key that this business development manager resume was contained to one page and featured a stand-out format with modern design and eye-catching color.

business development manager director resume example

Business Development Manager Director Resume Example

Business Development Manager Resume Statements

  • Forge relationships with potential clients in order to integrate partner products.
  • Develop marketing strategies for national and regional departments.
  • Leverage new opportunities through the creation of execution of new business development projects
  • Sell new accounts while meeting or exceeding sales goals.
  • Maintain relationships within all levels of the client’s organizations.
  • Streamline margins through price adjustments and cost reduction analysis.
  • Provide feedback to board members and senior management.
  • Collaborate with marketing team to successfully promote products.
  • Conduct business analysis in order to deploy customized solutions for targeted users.
  • Represent company at conferences, meetings and industry events.
  • Prepare annual sales, marketing and expense forecasts with quarterly business reviews.