Logistics Manager Resume Example


Below is a resume for a Logistics Manager with experience in supply chain management and training high-impact teams.

The expertise section highlights keywords such as project management, vendor management, training, coaching and staff development.

This job seeker also highlights a background in change management, equipment analysis and cost control.

This is followed by a reverse chronological experience section with statements of responsibility and with bulleted lists of achievements.

Logistics Manager Resume Example

Logistics Manager Resume Example


  • Highly accomplished, versatile Transportation Senior Manager with extensive background supporting U.S. military operations, logistics, supply chain management, and training high-impact teams within ever changing environments.
  • Dynamic leader consistently achieves outstanding results while building and maintaining strong, loyal relations with both clients and colleagues.
  • Moves and relates effortlessly across all levels of management.

Experience Statements

  • Manage supply chain logistics equipment costing over $7M.
  • Research and recommend cost-effective transportation methods and conduct regular safety audits on equipment.
  • Report maintenance and repair needs for transportation vehicles and equipment.
  • Create cost estimate of 2nd echelon preventive maintenance kits for 749 logistic items.
  • Supervise and coordinate over 20 vehicles to receive modifications with outside agencies.
  • Support 5-units with 204,850 gallons of water, 265,032 gallons of fuel, and 50 days supply of food with 29,011 safe and accident free driven miles.

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