Criminal Justice

The resume example below captures the career of a professional in Criminal Justice industry. The job seeker has past experience as a Loss Prevention Specialist and Program Specialist.

The resume uses a Summary of qualifications to highlight 4 years of experience the criminal justice industry. The job seeker emphasizes their knowledge of emergency preparedness, disaster prevention, commercial loss prevention and program implementation.

Since this job seeker only has 4 years of experience they list the education section next which underscores their Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice.

Professional experience comes next which includes the company, titles and dates employed in reverse chronological order. The bullet points define the scope of their work at each position.

The resume writer uses industry related training and volunteer experience to fill in more information that make this professional an ideal candidate for the criminal justice position.

Criminal Justice Resume Example

Criminal Justice Resume Example

Criminal Justice Resume Statements

  • Analyze data, statistics and GPS data to identify patterns in criminal activity.
  • Conduct complex research during investigations that include hair, blood, stains and fluids.
  • Research trends using computer data and analysis software and probability models in order to create forecast presentations.
  • Develop criminal profiles based on pattern detection and develop processes to decrease officer call times.
  • Testify as expert witness on crime data, scientific research and investigative conclusions.
  • Develop mapping systems based on crime data with trend graphs that can be utilized by police for ongoing investigations.
  • Present critical crime data patterns to teams of investigators utilizing graphs, tables and models.
  • Collaborate with investigation teams and information technology staff to design and deploy the crime analysis information system.

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