Master Scheduler Resume Example

This resume was created for a Master Scheduler hoping to move into a more prominent role. The candidate is also open to working as a Project Controls Analyst.

Since there were two roles for which she is applying and she only wanted one resume, the decision was made to best combine those skills and qualifications. Fortunately, some qualifications do translate nicely to both positions. These were listed in the Summary of Qualifications section.

From there, the writer went into great detail for two Project Analyst positions and two Master Scheduler positions so that a potential employer searching for either position would see impressive responsibilities and accomplishments. To make them stand out even more, some select accomplishments were typed in bold.

Three positions from over 15 years ago were simply listed without bullet points. They were listed because they are still relevant, but bullet points were not included because they didn’t add additional value to what was explained in detail throughout her more recent experience.

To conclude the resume, Education and Training was listed to showcase that this client is a qualified candidate. One challenge was making sure there was enough critical material to fill out the second page once it was evident that it would not all fit on one page.

Master Scheduler Resume Example

Master Scheduler Resume Example – Page 1

Master Scheduling Resume Example

Master Scheduler Resume Example – Page 2

Construction Worker Resume Summary Statements

  • Highly effective Master Scheduler and Project Controls Analyst with over twenty years of experience specializing in Primavera P6 Applications and efficient scheduling design.
  • Offering an array of skills in schedule integration, monitoring milestone achievement, risk analysis, determining logical solutions and budget development.
  • Proven ability to optimize resources and personnel across large projects.
  • Track record of success multi-tasking in dynamic, deadline-driven environments.

Construction Worker Resume Experience Statements

  • Establish and track project schedule, resources and cost performance to a baseline through the project lifecycle.
  • Assess project trend and earned value for projecting at completion estimates.
  • Utilize charts and graphs to illustrate cost status and forecast requirements.
  • Implement corrective action plans based on issues related to critical drivers, project risks, costs and scheduling.
  • Executed two-year project for the design/build of 100 locomotive overhauls and 92 cad modules, which was completed ahead of schedule and under $132M budget that consisted of 18,000 activities and 230 people.
  • Facilitate meetings with key stakeholders to keep everyone informed and aware of decision impacts and risks.
  • Develop and maintain the OBS/EPS and user interface for 15 seats and 4 user groups.
  • Troubleshoot P6 system and/or user performance issues and provide training assistance to non-schedulers.
  • Optimize resources, roles, global layouts, procedures, filters and codes.
  • Coordinate schedule moves and perform code and resource checks prior to extraction to ensure data integrity.
  • Integrate schedule and accounting into one platform while utilizing excel power pivots to communicate information to all types of user groups: Operations, HR, Handlers, Accounting, Supervisors and Management.
  • Streamlined process between schedulers from bid to project execution, eliminating duplicated effort time waste.