Environmental Operations Resume Example

The sample below highlights the person’s experience in Environmental Operations.  The resume opens with a paragraph that summarizes Jose’s related experience in this field with bullet points that feature major accomplishments.

The keywords in the “Core Competencies” section are specific to his skills in environmental operations.  These keywords include OSHA, Environmental, and DOT Regulations to assist with personal branding and related search visibility.

His professional experience follows beginning with his current role as Manager of Corporate Environment, Health & Safety.

Each position provides a summary of duties and bullet points with achievements.

The end of the resume highlights his Bachelor of Science in Occupational Health & Safety, as well as the related training and certifications he has completed.

Environment Operations Resume Example

Environment Operations Resume

Environment Operations Resume Sample

Environment Operations Resume – Page 2

Environmental Operations Summary

  • Dynamic, proactive, and seasoned Health and Safety Engineering Leader and U.S. Military Veteran with a proven track record of driving critical safety/hazard efforts—expertise in DOT compliance, auditing, and utilization of clear/concise communications. Commendable track record spanning 17 years of OSHA, environmental, and transportation regulations knowledge and leadership.
  • Completed Environmental Compliance Officer certification program. Demonstrate extensive HSE/EHS knowledge, risk mitigation, process improvement, staff development and mission critical leadership skills.
  • Highly tactful, poised, and professional under tense, high-pressure situations with the ability to adapt quickly to changing and deadline-driven environments; enforce rules, regulations, and demonstrate flexibility, logic, wit and insight to manage any EHS situation.
  • High energy leader with the ability to quickly gain the trust and cooperation of staff and management while leading uncompromising oversight and safety initiatives that ensure deliverables, improve performance, and impact bottom line results. Held Secret Security Clearance.

Environmental Operations Experience Statements

  • Leverage career history in managing EHS operations outside corporate headquarters as manager of corporate EHS for this leader in stored electrical energy with annual revenue of close to $2.8Bn.
  • Oversee corporate facilities that house 400 individuals; manage EHS distribution with 45 locations nationwide and eight locations in Canada and Mexico.
  • Called in to manage onsite incidents or accidents and provide detailed review and investigations including lost time, workforce injuries, and detailed reports on each incident.
  • Develop and deliver EHS governance along with policies and procedures.
  • Partner with OSHA on accidents and information flow and provide mandates on materials handling training across all locations that minimize safety issues while maximizing safety consciousness for entire workforce.
  • Devise and deliver training curriculum for new personnel for permanent and temporary staff and create detailed reports to executive leadership on current OSHA and EPA site compliance as well as any ongoing investigations.
  • Manage safety programs and host weekly EHS meetings with regional operation directors and front line management that ensures governance and safety of 370 headquarters personnel.
  • Success in implementing 15 new programs and policies during tenure focused on effective EHS programs focused on accident reduction and compliance.
  • Ensure all company drivers meet DOT drug and alcohol safety standards and compliance, safety, and accountability (CSA) for entire driver workforce—reduced a multitenant incident rate from 5.80 to 4.19 and lost time from 3.31 down to 1.70
  • Fostered driving compliance from 65% to 91% in DOT driver compliance with 7.1MM total miles driven and 1.5MM hours worked—develop/implement detailed company policy for entire fleet management.
  • Implement online safety training program that ensures greater access and completion by all participants where none existed before that facilitates and manages OSHA, EAPA, and DOT training for 12K personnel.
  • Online training program reduced training costs from $230K down to $12k by eliminating vendor costs and introduction of new programs that meet all online training requirements.