Certified Nurse Practitioner Resume Example

The introduction showcases the nurse’s critical care, Medicare health regulations, and JCAHO standards experience.

The “Areas of Expertise” section contains words to brand the resume including anemia, healthcare education, critical car, renal disease and patient advocacy.

The writer recounts  professional experience starting with the current role. The initial statement below her job title describes nursing duties.

Bullet points put an emphasis on statements that represent the most impressive responsibilities or achievements.

Page two continues with prior experience and closes with education, associations, and certifications.

Certified Nurse Practitioner Resume Example

Certified Nurse Practitioner Resume Example – Page 1

Certified Nurse Practitioner Resume Sample

Certified Nurse Practitioner Resume Example – Page 2


Compassionate Certified Nurse Practitioner with over 20 years’ experience offering expertise in Medicare health regulations and JCAHO standards in hospital and clinic environments.  Adept at critical care and management with training in patient education and leadership. Self-directed and solutions-oriented with excellent communication skills. Committed to increasing the quality of patient care through top-of-the-line time management and prioritization.

Experience Statements

  • Diagnose and treat patients with chronic and acute health problems such as MI, arrhythmias, asthma, COPD, and pneumonia.
  • Collaborate with clinical support to ensure client satisfaction and compliance with set standards.
  • Track and document in EMR patient status and needs assessment through patient encounters and chart reviews. Monitor infection control and critical incidents, risk management, and quality improvement plans.
  • Explain medications and side effects to patients, family members, caregivers, and thoroughly review physician-ordered tests.
  • Provide direct medical care, consultation, and referrals for diverse and multi-generational patient population with broad range of clinical conditions.
  • Anemia clinic manager, expanded anemia management program, taught patients to self-inject, and provided information resource.
  • Modality education and training program manager, provided ongoing patient education by sharing knowledge and reviewing established renal disease treatments.
  • Improved patient target hemoglobin levels in line with National Kidney Foundation standards through regular patient follow-ups.
  • Created new Standard Operating Procedures for Hemodialysis Unit. Enhanced Dialysis Unit orientation process, raining program, and initiated skills verification checklists/templates.
  • Managed 10 clinical and support staff in patient care activities while maintaining high-level staff morale and professionalism.
  • Orchestrated disaster plan development/implementation and pursued standardization of water purification system to meet AAMI guidelines.