Graphic Design Resume Example

Below you will find a professional Graphic Design resume example for a creative professional with a focus on Web Design and Graphical User Interface Development. The document sample is also useful for anyone that creates computer image elements for the web.

This unique and creative resume breaks down qualifications into sections. An education section shows a certification in web design and Bachelor of Fine Arts in Computer Graphics.

The writer uses a “Computer Proficiency” section to document graphic design and illustration software in Mac and Windows. The candidate documents knowledge of key software such Photoshop, Illustrator and Quarkxpress. The job seeker also has experience using web based skills such as HTML.

This individual has experience designing magazine layouts, corporate logos and company web sites. The resume also emphasizes working with newsletters, brochures and general advertising.

The bottom left portion of the resume outlines specific experience in the field. A formal work history is documented at the bottom of the page.

Graphic Design Resume Example

Graphic Design Resume Example

Graphic Design Resume Statements

  • Coordinate with project management and creative team to take graphic production.
  • Serve as team lead on projects that involve graphic design for promotions, branding and print advertising.
  • Work with team members to create mock up displays for approval.
  • Develop individual graphic files using Adobe Illustrator.
  • Create advertising layouts for print production in catalogs and trade magazines.
  • Design graphics and layout for poster and billboard advertising campaigns.
  • Provide assistance with internal graphic design, logo creation and photo modification / retouching.
  • Develop standardized marketing campaigns, copyediting materials and graphics components.
  • Work with a variety of fonts and typography, utilizing proper size and weight for each application.

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