Cosmetology – Makeup Artist Resume Example

Looking to change directions in a career is never easy, but this Cosmetology Resume Example was written for a candidate that knew their experience was not just in beauty. The writer wanted to demonstrate how the job seeker was not just a specialist, but a responsible and successful business person.

By emphasizing the business skills and personality used to gain and retain clients, it was possible to show more than just the surface experience the candidate had to list on their resume.

An obstacle like changing careers with no previous experience in the career you’re jumping into isn’t insurmountable.

Think deeper into the leadership, insight, and initiative it took to be successful in your past specialty to display the strengths you will contribute to a new job.

Cosmetology Resume Example

Cosmetology Resume Example

Cosmetology Resume Statements

  • Develop and plan marketing and entertainment events
  • Enhance client appearance, self esteem and overall presentation through consultation.
  • Conduct wide range of hair care services: shampooing, cutting, coloring, highlighting and styling.
  • Maintain basic safety standards and hygienic measures according to state guidelines.
  • Communicate product benefits and assist clients in the selection of cosmetic products or services for various needs or desires.
  • Build and retain client base through insightful recommendations, meaningful conversation and basic knowledge of current beauty industry trends.
  • Taught class of teenage females according to set curriculum; topics included beauty and presence.
  • Developed interactive lesson plans to cultivate an upbeat learning environment for all students.