Pharmaceutical Account Manager Resume Example

This resume was created for a client in Pharmaceutical Sales looking to become a Territory Sales Manager.

There were two sides to his employment history. On the plus side, this Account Manager had a very diverse background with many previous positions. Conversely, the candidate switched from job to job a lot throughout his career.

While this isn’t necessary a bad thing due to a variety of potential circumstances, there is concern that it would raise a red flag for employers. In the end, the fact that multiple jobs were from the same employer made it less of a concern so that we could list the majority of positions.

This allowed for all of his impressive achievements to be properly highlighted. Each positions did include a new honor or award that may give him a necessary edge in a large applicant pool.

The Pharmaceutical Account Manager Resume began with an Intro paragraph and Summary of Qualifications section so that any employer would immediately see how much this client offers to a new company. The writer utilized these sections so that they didn’t get lost in the long list of positions. The resume concluded with relevant Education and Training.

Pharmaceutical Account Manager Resume Example

Pharmaceutical Account Manager Resume Example

Pharmaceutical Sales Manager Resume Example

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Summary for Pharmaceutical Account Manager

  • Highly effective Pharmaceutical Account Manager with over 25 years of experience specializing in utilizing diabetes care knowledge in account and institutional selling.
  • Offering an array of skills in sales, cross-functional collaboration, integrated care, leadership, change implementation, issue resolution and pharmaceutical account management.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in providing product information to all medical personnel across a variety of fields.
  • Proven ability to exceed sales goals and revenue projections. Track record of success earning numerous awards and elite rankings within industry.

Pharmaceutical Account Manager Resume Statements

  • Launched first touch screen insulin pump to Endocrinologists, CDE’s and patients in western, central, northern and southern tier of XX.
  • Develop strategic relationships with the key Endocrine Centers and actively participate in many of the diabetes community events with JDRF.
  • Drove product portfolio and formulary in VA and teaching hospitals.
  • Built strategic relationship with key centers of influence:
  • Consistently promoted within company throughout employment.
  • Conducted district and national training sessions on product and sales within Institutional setting.
  • Created in-service presentations for Federal Accounts Team use.
  • Led weekly district conference calls.
  • Converted Absolut Homes to NNI exclusive contract through Omnicare.
  • Collaborated with internal stakeholders and teams to develop strategy for greater formulary access.

Awards & Achievements

  • Finished #1 in region for sales and referrals.
  • Increased sales by 62% during year.
  • Ranked #1 in referrals for region year.
  • Received the Vision Award for outstanding Team Commitment from Institutional Accounts.
  • Increased territory FlexPen utilization by over 50%.
  • Ranked #2 in product volume increase,
  • Recognized as first VA in the country to lift restrictions on FlexPen which increased utilization.
  • Presented VA success story at National Institutional POA Meeting.
  • Secured exclusive contract at ABC Cancer Institute.
  • Finished #1 in the Region for the H2A contest in the % Growth Category.
  • Recognized as being #1 in the District for the H2A contest.
  • Acknowledged for ranking #2 in the District.
  • Granted the first formulary approval of three Flexpens and a vial in the 123 region.
  • Secured formulary approval for Levemir FlexPen conversion for a Long-Term Care (LTC) in City, XX.