Finance Student Resume Example

This is a resume sample for an entry level Investment Banking Analyst. The student has a degree in Business Administration.

The document is a good reference for a student that has job targets in finance, business administration, marketing or management.

The job seeker uses a hybrid functional format to display information projects and honors before experience.

Finance Student Resume Example

Finance Student Resume Example

Finance Student Resume Sections

The resume begins with a qualifications section that outlines brief experience as a trader. The job seeker possesses critical Series 7 and 63 licensing. The writer mentions NASD affiliation and experience with office productivity software.

The education section highlights recent Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance degree.The job seeker lists college projects in management, investment and international business within the education section. This is appropriate since the work is more closely related to the job position target.

The student also notes leadership roles on Student Activities Council and Inter-Fraternity board.

The work history goes below which includes positions as proprietary trader, clerk and customer relations specialists.