Regional Marketing Resume Example

This accomplished and sought-after regional marketing manager has executed highly creative marketing campaigns for major food and beverage brands.

The job seeker has taken a detailed approach to each product launch.

While working in past position, this professional has created a network of brand ambassadors that take ownership over the brand they are promoting.

The resume demonstrates their success while also showing showing promotability and leadership qualities.

The candidate also has the ability to hire and train other very passionate marketers to execute the campaigns.

Regional Marketing Resume Example

Regional Marketing Resume Example

Regional Marketing Resume Statements

  • A results-driven, sought-after field marketing manager, specializing in food and beverage sales in the Florida tri-state area.
  • Known for building productive brand ambassadors, meaningful customer relationships and identifying brand influencers from region to region.
  • Spearheaded marketing campaign for 2 new products across college campuses in the Orlando and Tampa areas.
  • Trained brand ambassadors to educate and create meaningful interactions with consumers.
  • Review and analyze success of past campaigns to optimize future success.
  • Coordinate retail sampling events in 3 major grocery chains, coaching the sample managers in best practices.
  • Prepare training materials for new area field managers and assess progress over 6 month period.
  • Brainstormed new strategic marketing techniques for launch of new, “healthy” energy beverage.
  • Established an entire statewide vehicle marketing campaign.
  • Purchased and outfitted vehicles with custom refrigeration, branding, sound equipment and storage.
  • Hired and trained brand ambassadors to take ownership over the brand.
  • Identified key influencers in every major city of the campaign