Exporter International Shipping Resume Example

This page includes a resume for an international exporter and shipping professional with job position as member of Product Export Team for a steel manufacturing Company. The document is helpful for anyone in international shipping or distribution positions at manufacturing plants.

The resume utilizes an executive style paragraph summary. The writer emphasizes experience in manufacturing sales  and strategic marketing.

Other skills include manufacturing product research, international contract negotiation, joint ventures, technical systems administration and product technical assistance.

The body of the resume uses a unique version of a functional style with the job seeker listing career accomplishments in bullet points.   Examples of achievements include awards, increased profits, sale of a patent and increased volume. Work history is written below this section.

The job candidate identifies that they are fluent in English and Japanese. The education system documents a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government and Economics.

Exporter International Shipping Resume Example

International Shipping Resume Example

Exporter International Shipping Resume Statements

  • Oversee the handling, preparation and shipping of global export packages and cargo freight.
  • Prepare documentation for shipments which includes invoices, bill of lading, carrier bills, air freight documents and export clearing paperwork.
  • Operate scanning machines and labeling devices to account for incoming and outgoing freight.
  • Analyze shipment destinations and set up logistics and export procedures for all small packages including the scheduling of carriers and air freight companies.
  • Serve as first line of customer service for shipping companies and consignees.
  • Track signing of shipments and provide proof of delivery for clients.
  • Oversee negotiations of shipping contracts. Negotiate rate charts and establish timing constraints for geographic areas.
  • Work with sales department to increase client base and develop new business.
  • Supervise team members in shipping office with full oversight for warehouse workers, loaders, shipping agents and truck drivers.
  • Resolve issues with overseas deliveries and customs clearing.
  • Research damaged shipments and file insurance claims when necessary.