Staff Nurse Resume Example

This page includes a resume example for a nursing professional with job experience as Staff Nurse. This can be a good resource for most nursing positions.

In this document, the job seeker uses a job target to clearly identify the position they wish to be contact for an interview. The bullet point skills section feature core strengths such as surgical circulation, scrub, instrumentation, preoperative, ambulatory and surgery.

The candidate also highlights orthopedics, therapy, collaborative treatment and patient management.  The training and education lists the Registered Nurse certification with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

The professional experience section uses titles, company name and date as headings. A paragraph outlines the scope of work and accomplishments.

The writer uses a quote at the bottom of the resume. It is a clever way to close the document and get the readers attention.  The quote also demonstrates this this individual is a courteous, professional and valued team member.

Staff Nurse Resume Example

Staff Nurse Resume Example

Staff Nurse Resume Statements

  • Assess, test, diagnose and treat hospital patients in long term recovery.
  • Prescribes, evaluate and coordinate nursing patient care through collaborative efforts with health team members.
  • Maintain safe, secure and comfortable environment for patients, providing care and compassion in difficult situations.
  • Deploy emergency treatment or resuscitation when necessary.
  • Counsel and support outgoing patients by teaching tactics to achieve improved long term health care.
  • Apply best practices in the nursing process and maintain high standards of care with full adherence to patient’s rights and privacy.
  • Operate special, complex equipment and devices for monitoring, testing and diagnostic purposes.
  • Oversee orientation of new nursing staff and manage all training efforts associated with new hires.
  • Collaborate with doctors, RN’s, staff nurses, health care consultants and therapists to provide coordinated treatment and optimal care.