Computer Programmer Resume Example

This example shows the resume for a programmer with job experience as a Developer and Troubleshooter. This sample will be useful or anyone targeting computer programming jobs.

If you study the sample below you’ll see a clear communication of primary skills.  This computer programmer resume is also very brief and efficient.   The summary paragraph focuses on project management, software development and object-oriented programming. Secondary skills listed are web application design, debugging, software testing and implementation.

Since the job is hands-on, the Technical skills section lists a variety of IT programming skills. These skills include C/C++, Java, Perl, UNIX Shell, HTML and XHTML. The writer also lists Oracle database design and platforms (Windows, IBM, Linux, Sun Solaris).

Each job position provides specific responsibilities at each job or within the project. The candidate also identifies specific computer technologies that were used. The bullet points emphasize key duties and project achievements.  Undergraduate studies and IT training is listed at the bottom of the resume.

Computer Programmer Resume Example

Computer Programmer Resume Example

Computer Programmer Resume Statements

The following statements can be used or modified to explain your experience.  These usually begin with an action verb to convey experience over capability.  Use these samples to enhance your own resume.

  • Create web based software products, forms and templates for large print applications.
  • Develop software to monitor communications networks utilizing object oriented design principles.
  • Strong knowledge of C, C++, Swing, RMI and network communications programming.
  • Design programs in Java, HTML, XML with Javascript and JQuery.
  • Automate processes and problem resolution to enhance productivity of existing computer systems.
  • Review systems capabilities, workflow and limitations in order to design programs to improve performance.
  • Analyze business requirement and develop best practices within the framework.
  • Evaluate programming code for efficiency, debugging and quality assurance.
  • Develop and maintain technical documentation, guidelines and procedures.