Refrigeration Maintenance Resume Example

This post includes an example of a resume for a Refrigeration Mechanic with past job positions as Maintenance Repair Technician.  You can use this as a reference for any technical, maintenance, repair or mechanical position.

This resume doesn’t use a summary. However, the job seekers most recent position is their major career position that has spanned over many years, so this can serve as a good introduction. Technically, a summary and headline could further improve the document. See other resumes below to get an idea of how to build introductions.

Going on, we see the resume highlights refrigeration skills that include the diagnosis, repair and maintenance of air conditioning, refrigeration, air handling and heating equipment. The writer documents Industry experience in hospitals, health care facilities and construction.

The experience section lists statements of duties and responsibilities. The job seeker also lists experience with a variety of tools and knowledge of specialized refrigeration systems.

The job candidate lists additional job experience in machinery construction, shop work, mounting devices and testing panels and mechanical systems. The bottom of the resume lists related training and industry certifications.

Refrigeration Maintenance Resume Example

Refrigeration Maintenance Resume Example

Refrigeration Maintenance Resume Statements

  • Strong understanding of compliance issues and OSHA safety standards.
  • Oversee installation, repair and maintenance of HVAC and refrigeration units for multiple building business complex.
  • Bend and fabricate sheet metal to create exhaust pipes and air ducts.
  • Maintain compressors, cooling systems, coils, air handlers, heat pumps, furnaces and other related equipment.
  • Help establish preventative maintenance scheduling and repair guidelines.
  • Install and repair electrical devices, transformers, transistors and wiring.
  • Put in plumbing for refrigeration drainage systems using PVC pipe.
  • Run heating and cooling copper lines.
  • Braise or solder lines depending on the material and usage.
  • Install coolants materials such as FREON, using pressure gauges, ensuring all CFC environmental standards are maintained.
  • Work with customers to plan repair jobs and maintenance.
  • Read blueprints and electrical diagrams to ensure new construction is completed as planned.