Software Developer Resume Example

Example of resume for Software Developer  with job experience as GUI Web Designer and Usability Engineer. The document is a good sample for anyone in software development and web  design.

The summary uses a headline to specifically target the position. The paragraph focuses on usability engineering, interface design, web design and multimedia.

The writer also emphasizes skills in project management, graphic design, client requirements / communications.

The experience section has standard headings for title, company, dates and uses paragraphs to explain responsibilities. The bullet points document accomplishments and key projects while also identifying the major software languages and platforms.

The Education section lists the Bachelors degree in Communication Design and the additional IT training. The section below documents technical skills, languages, systems and software.

Software Developer Resume Example

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Software Developer Resume Sample

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Software Developer Resume Statements

  • Analyze user requirement, validate needs and conduct usability testing to ensure smooth workflow.
  • Develop plans to improve usability of web sites, mobile apps, touch screen applicators and PC downloaded software.
  • Create user testing profiles, design models, develop GUI interface requirements and establish usability milestones
  • Recruit testers and build teams to operate software to develop initial set of optimization goals.
  • Document testing plans and procedures, preparing reports that define results of usability quality assurance projects.
  • Work with software engineer staff, IT management and project managers to review user interface design and prepare final change requests.
  • Collaborate with interface design team to create advanced approach to user experience.
  • Research business, industry, competition and current trends to discover technology that improves usability.