Emergency Physician Resume Example

On this page you will find an example of a resume for a Physician with former job experience as an Emergency Room Doctor and Chief of ER. This is a good general reference for most doctors or physicians.

The summary paragraphs outlines experience in patient care, patient advocacy and hospital administration. Knowledge of policy development and regulatory compliance is mentioned. There is a bold focus on emergency medical services, and outpatient medicine.

The resume is written in a functional format, where the summary and strengths at the top produce the bulk of the information. The job experience being similar at each location is simply listed in reverse order.

The resumes lists education that includes an M.D. with specialization in Osteopathic Medicine and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology.

Physician Resume Example

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ER Physician Resume Example

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Physician Resume Statements

  • Evaluate, prioritize, diagnose and stabilize patients that come into the emergency room.
  • Analyze complex trauma conditions and quickly determine treatments for various illnesses and injuries.
  • Handle large case loads, long hours and various shifts from early morning to late evening.
  • Evaluate preliminary results and administer initial treatment such as stitching lacerations, splinting/casting broken bones or installing tubes/devices.
  • Perform emergency surgeries and occasionally assist specialists for complex surgical procedures.
  • Lead efforts to resuscitate patients using CPR techniques and defibrillator paddles.
  • Operate diagnostic testing equipment such as EKG’s, Scans, ultrasounds and other devices.
  • Conduct post stabilization procedures which include referral to specialists, migration to hospital rooms or discharge.
  • Show compassion when dealing with family members, keeping families informed of patient status.