Packaging Manager Resume Example

A resume for a packaging manager often contains experience in distribution management, packaging supply, and inventory management. A brief summary of this experience can be found at the beginning of the resume.

Next, the “Areas of Expertise” section contains keywords, such as inventory management and supply chain logistics, that are appropriate to his experience for a branding statement.

Following this section is the professional experience starting with his recent job position.  Each position lists a job title, employment dates, company name, and location.

The initial statement below his job title describes the duties and responsibilities.  Accomplishments that are relevant to the packaging industry are highlighted by bullet points below that.  These points convey the scope of his job.

The resume closes by listing the educational credentials. In this case, it lists an MBA in Business Management.

Packaging Manager Resume Example

Packaging Manager Resume Example

Packaging Manager Summary

  • Management professional offering over 20 years of experience in distribution management, packaging supply, logistic management, procurement, and inventory management.
  • Diligent and motivated to improve processes, streamline operations, and increase revenue.
  • Possess excellent judgment and communication skills and a deep understanding of business operations.
  • Certified trained in OSHA General Industry.

Packaging Manager Experience Statements

  • Manage daily operations, including sales, purchasing/ordering of packaging inventory followed by schedule shipping, building facility maintenance costs and profit and loss statement.
  • Solid understanding of work orders, production layout, and quality control.
  • Hire and train all levels of packaging, material, and machinery.
  • Achieve production goals by understanding material handling equipment, conveyor, and machinery.
  • Coordinate with cold storage and packaging facilities to assist in leading packaging and production costs.
  • Picked products for specific routes according to pick sheets.
  • Estimated weights, heights, and centers of balance to make precise placements and maintained accurate stock records and schedules.
  • Led warehouse improvement initiatives to advance operational efficiencies that increased revenue.
  • Divided cargo received by account number and redirected shipments in response to customer requests.