Criminal Investigator Resume Example


The summary for a criminal investigator introduces the candidate’s diversified experience in investigative cases.

Keywords listing out the various “Areas of Expertise” are included as branding statement for ranking in applicant tracking systems.

Immediately following is a recount of the professional experience, starting with his most recent role.

Each position describes the duties and responsibilities.  Accomplishments that convey the scope of his job, contributions, and achievements follow with bullet points.

Page two continues to build on prior duties and closing with his education and training.  This candidate attended Community College and obtained relevant certifications needed for qualification.

Criminal Investigator Resume Example

Criminal Investigator Resume Example

Criminal Investigator Summary

  • Multi-talented Investigator with expertise in investigating insurance fraud, organized crime, money laundering, bank fraud, and tax fraud cases.
  • Effective at working with government agencies, law enforcement departments, and private businesses to complete successful investigations.
  • Scrutinizes details, masterful in reading people, and leverages creative problem-solving abilities with strong follow-through and an analytical approach.
  • Ready to apply experience and a forward-thinking mindset to an investigative role.

Criminal Investigator Experience Statements

  • Worked in following units: Uniform Patrol, General Investigations Unit, Homicide Bureau, Criminal Intelligence Bureau, Organized Crime Bureau, Dignitary Protection, Public Corruption Bureau, Missing Persons Unit, Child Exploitation Unit, Neighborhood Resource Unit, and Bicycle Response Team.
  • Shortened criminal investigation lead time, executed operational protocol for criminal and non-criminal violations.
  • Conducted stationary and mobile surveillance on individuals being investigated.
  • Noted results of investigations with written observations and photographs, evidence collection, communication with state and federal attorney for criminal prosecution, and produced final reports.
  • Analyzed data, reports and forensic evidence, including blood and fire patterns and bullet trajectories.
  • Trained and mentored field investigators and worked with team lead to identify skills, problem areas, and opportunities for staff development and improvement.
  • Maintained detailed case log of all cases assigned to monitor progress and completion.
  • Testified under oath in administrative hearings and criminal court cases.
  • Investigated homicides and suspicious deaths to resolution.
  • Completed comprehensive face-to-face interviews with subject, neighbors, employers, family and friends, and generated detailed reports documenting investigative findings.

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