Automotive Mechanic Resume Example

Example of resume for Automotive Mechanic with job experience as ASE Master Certified Technician. This can be used as a guide for anyone in mechanical repair job positions.

The resume uses a job title line that highlights the GM and ASE Master Certifications. A statement of experience is written below as a headline statement in italics.

The summary paragraph describes qualifications that include repair and maintenance of automobile, engine systems, electronic systems, transmissions, drive train, heating & A/C, brake systems, suspension and steering.

The experience section is written in functional format to focus on specific responsibilities. The job seeker lists work history below because the duties at each job were similar and didn’t require a different description for each specific job.

The training and Education at the bottom includes an Associates Degree in General Motors Automotive with Certification in General Motors Cadillac Courses.

Automotive Mechanic Resume Example

Automotive Mechanic Resume Example

Automotive Mechanic Resume Statements

  • Extensive experience in the diagnosis, repair, installation and maintenance of automotive cars, trucks, vans and SUV’s.
  • Expertise in modern carburetor systems, computer analysis and utilization of technical equipment. Possess own tools.
  • Proven ability to analyze and repair complex wiring and electronics. Adept at working in small spaces.
  • ASE certified mechanic with over 20 years of experience working in an auto shop.
  • Capable of working with customers, scheduling service, explaining preventative maintenance and resolving client problems.
  • Proficient in body repair, working with metals, modifying fiberglass, hard metal welding and fabrication of small parts and materials.
  • Maintain fluids such as engine oils, brake oil, hydraulics and grease.
  • Accustomed to working with documentation to prepare estimates and proposals for large mechanical projects such as body repair and paint jobs.
  • Excellent communicator that works well with customers, focused on explaining complicated technical details in a manner that is easy to understand. Works with clients to explain maintenance and warranties.