CEO / CFO Executive Resume Example

Below you find a resume for a professional with a broad history of executive positions handling multiple facets of leadership. This individual has been a Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Sales Executive for several large companies.

The resume uses a job title as header, specifically stating Executive Leader – CEO / CFO. This is followed by their core areas of strength that include strategic marketing, brand management, finance and operations.

The summary is written in an executive style paragraph centered on the page. The summary highlights accomplishments in business expansion. product development and strategic marketing. Additional areas of expertise are identified, which include public relations and government contracting.

The most recent experience is listed next on this resume. This section takes of the rest of the first page and half of the second page, which is ideal since they have been holding an executive position with the company since 1992. The first part of the job lists the job titles with dates and company name. The paragraph defines the scope of their role at the company. A table of bullet points represent core strengths that are listed to make it easy for anyone to quickly read and understand this executive’s expertise.

 CEO / CFO Executive Resume Example - Page 1

CEO / CFO Executive Resume Example – Page 1

 CEO / CFO Executive Resume Example - Page 2

CEO / CFO Executive Resume Example – Page 2

CEO / CFO Executive Resume Writing

This resume uses a unique table that visualizes their achievements that effect the bottom line. For a CFO and CEO, demonstrating company growth is critical. This might be one of the best ways we’ve seen this accomplished. You can clearly see a track record of increased growth.

Specific accomplishments are structured as bullet points. The writer even organizes these achievements in terms of the functional result (product development, operations and financial management, marketing, personnel development).

The bottom of the resume outlines important affiliations along with noteworthy awards. The formal education section lists the MBA and Bachelor degree in Business Administration.

CEO / CFO Executive Resume Example By Get Results Career Services