Hotel Manager Resume Example


This Hotel Manager job candidate sought a job outside of current company, within the field of hospitality, for a higher paying position. The resume was built to display only relevant experience from the field of hospitality, particular to the food and beverage-related job.

One challenge faced writing this resume was narrowing down the candidate’s experience to provide the most relevant information possible. In hopes of including as much work history as possible on one page, very little other information was provided. In the Professional Experience section, each bullet was as succinct as possible and phrased like an achievement to improve readability and reaction to the candidate’s accomplishments in related roles.

Another challenge was masking the short-term jobs held by the client while they moved from job to job to gain different skill sets in each role. The Additional Experience section was included to show the candidate’s propensity for volunteer work and becoming involved in the hospitality community.

The Qualifications and Skills section is different than on most resumes, in that it does not include transferable skills, rather just pertinent computer skills needed to complete the desired job.

Hotel Manager Resume Example

Hotel Manager Resume Example

Hotel Manager Resume Statements

  • Oversaw operational functions of restaurant, bar and banquet.
  • Maintained point of sale system, inventory and menus.
  • Supported hotel operation by assisting other departments.
  • Prepared and managed over 20 special hotel events each week.
  • Scheduled staff, ordered rentals and created floor plans.
  • Executed set ups, floor plan design, banquets, servings and food running
  • Budgeted, hired and trained over 100 hotel employees
  • Managed budget over over $90,000 and consistently came in under budget.

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