Therapist Counselor

This is an example of a resume for a clinical professional in mental health. The document is a useful reference for anyone targeting therapist job.

The resume uses a very large, bold job target title with subheadings that represent alternate job titles such as Addiction Specialist or Substance Abuse Counselor. A long executive style paragraph summarizes their entire career.

The summary is followed by a Core competencies section, which is a much easier to read section for employers that skim over the resume very quickly.

Since education is important in this field, the job seeker puts their degree in front of the job experience. This area lists the Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with Advanced Training in Mental Health counseling.

Since the summary is so long and their experience is very similar, the rest of the resume is a hybrid functional format, where specific qualifications are listed that applied to all of their job responsibilities. Then the work history is listed below.

Therapist Counselor Resume Example

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Mental Health Therapist Counselor Resume Example

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Therapist Counselor Resume Statements

  • Evaluate patients using standardized diagnostic tools and conduct individual therapy sessions.
  • Assess functional impairments and psychological status using assessment tools and standard evaluation protocols.
  • Design and author medical documentation and records with full compliance of internal standards and external regulation.
  • Work with other mental health care providers, Physicians and referral sources to improve understanding of client problems and update progress.
  • Develop treatments to resolve symptoms, helping clients plan and prepare for crisis events.
  • Design treatment plans utilizing analysis, reviews, data and patient input to determine type and frequency of treatment. Implement therapies that will bring about positive outcomes, reviewing progress continuously.
  • Perform family and group counseling to teach supportive techniques and help motivate clients throughout treatment.

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