Therapist Counselor Resume Example

This is an example of a resume for a clinical professional in mental health. The document is a useful reference for anyone targeting therapist job.

The resume uses a very large, bold job target title with subheadings that represent alternate job titles such as Addiction Specialist or Substance Abuse Counselor. A long executive style paragraph summarizes their entire career.

The summary is followed by a Core competencies section, which is a much easier to read section for employers that skim over the resume very quickly.

Since education is important in this field, the job seeker puts their degree in front of the job experience. This area lists the Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with Advanced Training in Mental Health counseling.

Since the summary is so long and their experience is very similar, the rest of the resume is a hybrid functional format, where specific qualifications are listed that applied to all of their job responsibilities. Then the work history is listed below.

Therapist Counselor Resume Example

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Mental Health Therapist Counselor Resume Example

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Therapist Counselor Resume Statements

  • Evaluate patients using standardized diagnostic tools and conduct individual therapy sessions.
  • Assess functional impairments and psychological status using assessment tools and standard evaluation protocols.
  • Design and author medical documentation and records with full compliance of internal standards and external regulation.
  • Work with other mental health care providers, Physicians and referral sources to improve understanding of client problems and update progress.
  • Develop treatments to resolve symptoms, helping clients plan and prepare for crisis events.
  • Design treatment plans utilizing analysis, reviews, data and patient input to determine type and frequency of treatment. Implement therapies that will bring about positive outcomes, reviewing progress continuously.
  • Perform family and group counseling to teach supportive techniques and help motivate clients throughout treatment.

Counselor Resume Writing

Are you looking to create a counselor resume that stands out from the competition? Crafting an effective CV for a counseling position can seem daunting, but it can be a breeze with the proper guidance and tips.

This article will explore the essential sections of a counselor’s resume and provide valuable insights into how to tailor your CV to the target job. First, we will discuss the different types of counselor jobs available and the essential skills hiring managers look for in candidates.

We will also cover common action verbs when describing your work experience and how to align your resume with the job description. Additionally, we will provide tips on writing a winning resume, including using measurable achievements and tailoring your CV to the target job.

What Kinds of Counselor Jobs Are There?

If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a counselor, knowing the different types of counselor jobs is essential.

Some common types of counselor jobs include School Counselor, Mental Health Counselor, Marriage and Family Therapist, and Rehabilitation Counselor.

Each job requires different skills and qualifications, so it’s important to research and determine which is the best fit for you.

School Counselor

When crafting your resume, highlight your experience as a school counselor in the work history section.

As a school counselor, your job description includes counseling students, supporting their academic and personal growth, and collaborating with teachers and parents to create a positive learning environment.

You should emphasize your professional experience in developing and implementing individual and group counseling programs and your ability to assess and address students’ mental health needs.

In the education section, include your Master’s degree in counseling or a related field and any relevant coursework or training.

In the skills section, emphasize your ability to communicate effectively with students, parents, and faculty and your knowledge of relevant laws and regulations related to counseling in schools.

Overall, your school counselor resume should demonstrate your ability to provide high-quality counseling services to students in a school setting and your commitment to helping them achieve their full potential.

Marriage and Family Therapist

You’d think being a marriage and family therapist would make your own relationships perfect, but let’s be honest; we all have our ups and downs.

As a professional counselor focusing on marriage and family therapy, you’ll need to possess unique skills to help your clients navigate their relationships.

When crafting your marriage and family therapist counselor resume, you must show your counseling skills, particularly in marriage and family therapy. Use a straightforward format showcasing your hard skills.

If you’re starting as an entry-level marriage and family therapist, consider including a resume sample or a counselor resume example to showcase your potential. Additionally, tailor your resume to the job title and use keywords to ensure your resume makes it through ATS software.

Be honest about your experience and avoid including irrelevant personal information. Finally, proofread your resume to prevent errors so you can put your best foot forward in your job search.

Mental Health Counselor

Battling mental health challenges can be an isolating experience. Still, with the help of a qualified mental health counselor, individuals can gain the tools and support needed to live a fulfilling life.

You’ll need to showcase your expertise in supporting and guiding individuals struggling with various mental health issues. When creating a Mental Health Counselor resume, it’s important to

In the skills section, emphasize your soft skills, such as empathy, active listening, and communication, which are essential for building client trust and rapport. You should also list any certifications you’ve obtained, such as Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CCMHC) or Certified Addiction Counselor (CAC), to demonstrate your expertise in specific areas such as addiction or substance use.

Your cover letter and professional resume should highlight your ability to collaborate with clients in individual and group counseling sessions. Your Master’s degree in counseling and relevant skills and experience should be emphasized to show potential employers that you’re a qualified candidate for the position.

As a mental health counselor, you’ll be responsible for helping clients navigate various challenges, so you must show your ability to create a safe and supportive environment for your clients to thrive.

Rehabilitation Counselor

To effectively support individuals in their journey toward recovery, rehabilitation professionals need to showcase their expertise and experience in their resumes. As a rehabilitation counselor, your role involves working with clients struggling with drug and alcohol addiction and helping them develop a treatment plan that addresses their needs.

Your application materials should indicate your experience in providing individual counseling and facilitating group therapy sessions. Substance abuse counselors often work with clients who are dealing with emotionally and academically challenging situations. Therefore, it’s important to emphasize your ability to provide a safe and supportive environment for clients while helping them achieve their career goals.

In your resume, be sure to include any relevant certifications or licenses and your educational background. By tailoring your application materials to the rehabilitation counselor position, you can increase your chances of landing the job and positively impacting your clients’ lives.

Essential Skills Hiring Managers Look For on Counselor Resumes

When crafting your resume in 2023, it’s vital to include both hard and soft skills that will catch the eye of hiring managers like a beacon in the storm.

You will work with individuals in various situations and backgrounds as a counselor. Hiring managers are looking for candidates with experience and skills in crisis intervention, conflict resolution, and individual and group therapy. It’s also important to highlight your knowledge of community resources that can help your clients emotionally and academically.

In addition to technical skills, hiring managers are also looking for soft skills. These can include strong communication skills, empathy, and building rapport with clients. As a counselor, you will be working with clients who are often distressed and need someone who can listen and understand their needs.

Stating these soft skills can make a big difference in your job application and help you stand out from other candidates.

It’s important to follow expert tips and tailor your resume to the position you’re applying for. Use measurable achievements and action words, and make sure to proofread your resume to avoid errors.

By showing your essential skills and experience, you can increase your chances of landing the counseling position you’re after.

Common Action Verbs for Contractor Resumes

Boost your chances of landing a contractor job by incorporating action verbs such as ‘managed,’ ‘coordinated,’ and ‘executed’ into your counseling resume. These verbs help to convey a sense of action and accomplishment, making your resume stand out to hiring managers.

When writing your resume objective or summary, use these keywords. For example, you might say, “Experienced counselor with a master’s degree in psychology, skilled in managing client caseloads and coordinating group therapy sessions.”

In addition to using action verbs, it’s essential to tailor your resume to the specific position you’re applying for. This means incorporating relevant keywords from the job description into your resume. For example, if the job posting emphasizes the need for addiction counseling experience, state any relevant experience or certifications you have in this area.

Finally, don’t forget to proofread your resume to avoid errors and typos. Hiring managers will likely be turned off by mistakes in your application materials, so take the time to carefully review your resume before submitting it.

How to Correctly Align Your Counselor Resume With the Job Description

Now that you’ve got a clear idea of the common action verbs used in contractor resumes let’s focus on how you can align your resume with the job description. As you embark on your job search, it’s important to remember that your resume is your first impression of potential employers.

One of the first writing tips to remember is to pay close attention to the job description. Look for keywords and phrases that are relevant to the position, and make sure to incorporate them throughout your resume.

In the resume header, use the job title exactly as it appears in the job description. In the experience section, use evidence-based examples of how your counselor skills align with the job requirements.

Another critical section to focus on is the skills section. Make sure to highlight your job-winning skills most relevant to the position. For example, if the job description emphasizes the importance of communication skills, include specific examples of how you’ve effectively communicated with clients in your previous roles. Additionally, if the job requires experience with a particular software or tool, mention it in your skills section.

Remember to proofread your resume to avoid errors and be honest about your qualifications and experience.

How To Write a Winning Counselor Resume?

Crafting a winning resume would be best to create a strong first impression on potential employers. This means showcasing your unique skills and experience, like a painter creates a masterpiece with brushstrokes.

To make the most of your resume, tailor it to the jobs you’re applying for. For example, if you want to work as a school counselor, highlight your experience working with students and educating them on important issues such as mental health and career development.

Include all relevant information to make you stand out as a qualified candidate. This includes your education, work history, certifications, and measurable achievements.

To make your resume even more appealing, consider hiring a certified professional resume writer to help you create a perfect document that showcases your skills and experience in the best possible light. You can also download customizable resume designs online to help you create a visually appealing and professional-looking document.

In summary, writing a winning resume requires careful attention to detail and a clear understanding of what employers seek. Tailor your resume to the specific jobs you’re applying for, include all relevant information, and use professional resume writing and design tools to create a document to help you stand out from the competition.

Tips for Writing a Better Counselor Resume

Incorporate measurable achievements and action verbs demonstrating your skills and experience. Providing evidence-based examples of your success will make a lasting impression on potential employers.

In addition, it’s essential to tailor your CV to the specific job you’re applying for and use keywords from the job description. Aside from showcasing your achievements, including the skills necessary to be a dedicated and compassionate counselor is important.

Ensure to include hard and soft skills, such as crisis intervention, active listening, and empathy. It’s also important to format your resume in a way that is easy to read for both ATS software and human eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

When interviewing for a counseling job, you may have questions about what to expect.

One common question is about the three stages of the counseling interview.

Additionally, you may be wondering how long a perfect resume should be.

Let’s explore these topics to help you prepare for your following counseling job interview.

How Do I Interview for a Counseling Job?

You want to make a lasting impression during your counseling job interview by researching the company’s values, goals, and history. This’ll show your dedication and interest in working for the company.

Additionally, it’s essential to practice your interview skills with a friend or relative and prepare for common interview questions. Researching online for potential questions and rehearsing your facial expressions and body language can also help you feel more confident during the interview.

Gathering references is another way to showcase your qualifications and experience as a dedicated and compassionate counselor. Use the best format, such as a chronological resume, and include evidence-based approaches you’ve used for substance use disorders or other previous roles. Using professionally-designed resume templates can also help your resume stand out.

By following these tips, you can ensure that you’re fully prepared for your counseling job interview and have the best chance of landing the position.

What Are the Three Stages of the Counseling Process?

Get ready to dive into the three stages of the counseling process, where clients embark on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. As a counselor, it’s essential to understand these stages and use your resume to demonstrate your experience in guiding clients through them.

The first stage is the initial assessment, where you gather information about the client’s background, such as their history of drug and alcohol abuse or eating disorders. This is also a time to establish rapport and trust with the client.

The second stage is the middle phase, where you work with clients to identify and address their emotional and academic concerns. This may involve providing individual and group counseling sessions and teaching coping mechanisms and problem-solving skills.

The final stage is termination, where the client has achieved their goals and is ready to move forward positively. It’s crucial to end the counseling relationship positively and provide resources for continued growth.

By demonstrating your understanding of the three stages of the counseling interview, you can show potential employers that you’ve got the skills and experience to guide clients toward personal growth and development.

How Long Should a Counselor Resume Be?

One crucial factor to consider when crafting your resume is its length. You may wonder, “How long should a counselor’s resume be?” The answer to this question depends on your recent position, skills, and experience.

Generally, a resume should be no longer than two pages in text format. Recent graduates or those with less experience may have a one-page resume.

It’s essential to showcase your different skills and experience but keep in mind that hiring managers may only spend a few seconds looking at your application. Keeping your resume concise and to the point can make your application stand out and increase your chances of landing an interview.


Congratulations! You now have the tools to create a winning counselor resume. Remember to highlight your personal statement, essential skills, work history, education, and certifications. Use measurable achievements to showcase your impact and tailor your CV to the target job.

Additionally, prepare for your interview by researching the company and practicing common questions. Here’s an example to help you get started:

Meet Sarah, a licensed counselor with ten years of experience working with individuals and families. She was looking to transition into a school counseling position and needed to update her resume. Using the tips outlined in this article, Sarah highlighted her experience working with children and adolescents, her school counseling certification, and her crisis intervention and conflict resolution skills.

She tailored her CV to the specific job description and included measurable achievements such as improving student attendance rates by 20%. Thanks to her efforts, Sarah landed her dream job and is now positively impacting countless students’ lives.

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