Project Management Executive Resume Example

Resume for a Project Management Executive is shown here as a general executive template.  This document can serve as a good reference for any high level project managers or professionals in sales, marketing, operations and production.

The resume uses an introduction that resembles an objective statement without going so far as to make a spectacle of it.  As you will read in numerous articles on, at this level there is no need specifically for an objective statement for an executive.

For anyone wishing to make a statement of objective, however, this is a good example. One can easily change the job title depending on the position that is targeted. In fact, by using this layout and style, the targeted position can be modified for each resume submission if desired.

The executive summary is next, which identifies key attributes of the job seeker. In this resume, the writer focuses on management of the design, production, print and promotional materials process. The summary then identifies core functional and personal skills. The summary is followed by a Professional Qualities and Strengths section to provide a snapshot of qualifications. These include operational efficiency, supply chain management, collaboration and financial responsibili

Project Management Executive Resume Example

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Project Management Executive Resume Sample

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Project Management Executive Resume Writing

The professional highlights section for this project manager resume includes each job title and date range with a short paragraph that explains the individual’s role at the company. This is followed by a more specific, detailed list of key contributions. The writer emphasizes leadership of strategic initiatives, team building and cost savings. Notice how these statements are structured as an action then a result. For example, they strategically led an SRM project (action) and saved $5 million (result).

The education section follows experience then a section for previous job positions. In this resume the writer includes the detailed description in the most recent and relevant job positions and simply lists the older and less relevant work history. Technical skill and associations conclude the document.