Construction Worker Resume Example

This construction worker resume was designed for a veteran carpenter with over 15 years of experience.

A summary paragraph was used to begin the resume so that the employer would immediately see that this client brings high-level knowledge to any job site.From there, a Summary of Qualifications was included because there are certain areas of strength that are of great interest to employers in this field.

The writer did not want these to blend in with information provided later in the resume and become lost. This particular client has a nice mix of strengths that give the impression of an effective, well-rounded employee.

Most of these positions in the professional experience section. were similar. The writer highlighted key differences and included critical (and quantifiable) information for the reader.

While references are generally not necessary on a resume, they are included in this field quite often. They also filled up the page better and gave the resume a more visually pleasing look.

Education was left off at the client’s request because there wasn’t any to report following High School graduation.

Construction Worker Resume Example

Construction Worker Resume Example

Construction Worker Resume Summary Statements

  • Versatile and skilled craftsman with over 15 years of experience in the field of carpentry and woodworking.
  • Specializes in custom design and construction.
  • Supervisory experience in overseeing successful projects that meet deadlines and remain on budget.
  • Tireless work ethic and passion for the craft combine to result in exemplary performance on the job site.

Construction Worker Resume Experience Statements

  • Supervises six-member team on dozens of projects across ABC County.
  • Implemented new and improved installation procedures, resulting in a 15% increase of efficiency.
  • Develops custom materials and designs for high-end client projects.
  • Evaluates performance and reliability of crew to ensure company standards are met.
  • Operates all machinery in a safe and knowledgeable manner.
    Reduced budget by 31% due to cost-effective purchasing strategies.
  • Oversaw the design and installation of numerous custom design cabinets, countertops and furniture orders.
  • Orchestrated an efficient process for scheduling, ordering, and delivering of materials.
  • Led initiative to revamp installation process for any woodworking projects.
  • Resolved customer service concerns successfully and in a timely manner.
  • Calculated estimates for projects of varying complexity and duration.
  • Gained valuable hands-on experience relating to all aspects of the carpentry field.
  • Assisted crew with organizing, framing and installing materials on all projects.