Commercial Pilot Resume Example

The resume for a Commercial Pilot begins with a summary of Heather’s applicable experience.

The next two sections highlight her “Licenses and Ratings” and her “Flight Time”.  These sections explain in detail her specific qualifications needed to prove her skill and training level needed in order to serve in a commercial pilot capacity.

Her professional experience follows, beginning with her current position as a Plan Compliance Consultant.

This position is described with a brief paragraph summary and specific bullet points listing her accomplishments.

Finally, the resume closes with her Additional Experience in the US Army and her Education.  This shows both her Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences and any related certifications she has received.

Commercial Pilot Resume Example

Commercial Pilot Resume

Summary Introduction

  • Commercial Pilot with expertise with multiple aircrafts and engine jets, compliance, and safety. Excellent communication, analytical, and problem-solving skills with the ability to perform calmly under pressure.

Commercial Pilot Experience Statements

  • Commercial, Instrument, multi-engine rated, with over 820 total hours logged (as of 5/9/2019), including 45 hours multi-engine jet and 70 hours instrument time.
  • Owned and operated three airplanes over the past 12 years: Cessna 150, Bellanca Turbo Viking and Zenith 701.
  • Over 820 hours of flight time in numerous aircraft and programs: – U.S. Air Force, T-3 Slingsby Firefly, Initial Training – USAF, T-37 Tweet, twin-engine jet, undergraduate pilot training – USAF Academy Glider program – USAF Academy, Skydiving program (earned wings after 5 Freefall parachute jumps) – Cessna 150, 152, 172 & 182 – Piper Cherokee 140, 160 and 180 and Arrow – Bellanca Turbo Viking 17-31 ATC – Zenith 701 STOL (Sky Jeep)