Retail Manager Resume Example


The document below is a Retail Manager Resume Example for an individual with diverse work history as shoe store and department store manager.

While going through college, this candidate worked in their field and succeeded in advancing from an entry level to managerial role. They have shown through the resume a variety of skills, leadership potential and the ability to work in both corporate and small business environments.

The goal of this resume is to advance into a higher paying role of the same nature, while earning a degree and striving to work full time as a retail sales manager for a high end company.

Retail Manager Resume Example Department Store

Retail Manager Resume Example

Retail Manager Resume Statements

  • Lead sales employees to strengthen their knowledge of high end footwear brand to increase sales and improve overall customer satisfaction with each encounter.
  • Manage the store’s appearance, daily and weekly sales goals and seasonal changes.
  • Promote product knowledge through monthly staff meetings; discuss new features and sales tips product by product.
  • Encourage a respect of the brand and store within employees to boost morale.
  • Motivate higher ticket sales through incentives, reward-based programs and positive reinforcement of good sales practices.
  • Communicate weekly schedules with all employees and make accommodations where necessary to insure store is adequately staffed at all times.
  • Contributed to positive store appearance through regular folding and organizing of racks.
  • Assisted customers in purchases; completed seamless transactions with customers.
  • Received praise from managers for excellent customer service in high traffic store.

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