Health Wellness Resume Example


Health Wellness resume for candidate had experience in health and wellness as a dietician, as well as a business management professional within health-related roles. The candidate’s goal was to produce a resume that exemplified both areas of expertise to apply to health and non-health-related jobs.

Because the health and wellness aspect of experience was well-identified in the Career Highlights section, the Expertise and Profile allowed us to further describe the leadership and organizational abilities the candidate would be bringing to a new role.

The main challenge here was to present the candidate in an appealing way to outside companies with no relation to the health and wellness field. We did this by highlighting their entrepreneurial spirit and skills.

In addition, the candidate was the owner of their own practice. This is an issue that will arise during the interview process with many candidates who are business owners and founders who still have involvement in their own ventures. The resume must clearly state that the candidate is looking for a new role and has the time to dedicate to a new company.

Health Wellness Resume Example

Health Wellness Resume Example

Health Wellness Resume Example Statements

  • Assess, develop, and implement nutritional programs for patients with disease management challenges.
  • Collaborate with corporations to install custom wellness and weight management programs for their members.
  • Establish highly profitable network of relationships with corporations and health clubs.
  • Conduct metabolic testing for weight management clients.
  • Educate clients and patients on health and wellness basics.
  • Manage all business and operational aspects of the Fitness Center.
  • Identified the need and advocated for a one-on-one weight management program.
  • Initiated the implementation of health and wellness software, resulting in higher accuracy, efficiency and savings.

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